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The Light house at Kindred Rocks – A Playthrough

I wrote a solo rpg called THE LIGHTHOUSE AT KINDRED ROCKS – you can get it here for free/pwyw

So imagine how stoked I was to see someone played the game and wrote up their 4,000 words of what happens in their story.

Read Kaden Ramstack’s playthrough of my game here!

Genuinely so excited to see someone use it in such detail, and the stuff they came up with was superb story fodder. It’s a part of their Solovember quest to play one solo rpg each day for November. Browse their site, there’s a lot of other really good stuff in there, too.


Noirvember #15-21

This ol’ train keeps rolling round the bend. Some of these are really fun to put together and then work on tightly constructing. It makes me think deeply about the POV, the narrative style/voice/tone, and the place I want to start – description of a location, dialogue, etc. All choices have a different effect, and that’s the fun of story building/construction.

As always, hope you continue to dig :]

For anyone wondering – yes, the last one is a Deer Editor entry. The Truth is the newspaper Bucky works for, and this is his story.

I miss Deer Editor. So glad he could live on for one day of Noirvember.

Noirvember #8-14

It’s week two of Noirvember, and this little writing prompt game has yielded more fun and twisted intrigue. Here’s what came out of my head for the seven prompts of madness:

May they bring you more crime-riddled thoughts in this coming week.

Noirvember #1-7 – Writing Prompts

This month I’ve been celebrating my own little Noirvember – I’ve set up 30 prompts, and for each one I’m writing a title and an intro to a story that could be.

It’s a fun writing activity that’s helping me get my pulp on, or consider interesting characters, just for a few paragraphs.

Here are the first 7 days of it, enjoy in moderation.

I don’t know which one is my favourite, but I like that I got to do a whole bunch of different things in this week. If you’ve got a favourite, I’d love to know which one it is.

Noirvember Has Begun

All month long to celebrate Noirvember, I will be writing a short story title and opening moment to match these prompts I made up.

The aim of the game is to be as pulpy, troubled, and crime-riddled as possible.

Happy Noirvember to you and yours wherever and however you celebrate.

Here’s the first one to whet your whistle on the 1st of Noirvember – Wake Up.


Cruise your finest vehicle in the direction of your local comic shoppe and find yourself a copy of the SPEED REPUBLIC trade because it’s out this week!

I love this cover so much – the colours are amazing!

Our dystopian car race comic about a European dictator who hosts an annual massive race where one single winner is allowed entry into a gated community where riches and resources flow is a kinetic race to the finish line, but also an exploration of landscape and class and wealth and desire.

I put a lot into this book and I hope you dig it when you pick it up.

Art by Emanuele Parascandolo

Colours by Michele Monte

Letters by Joamette Gil

Written by Ryan K Lindsay

Published by Mad Cave Studios

This trade includes the entire 5 issue stroryline, a Foreword by fellow Aussie David Hazan, and the best damn car chases and races we could imagine!

A Fistful of Pain – Get Your Day One Specials Now!

The most important part of this announcement comes right here at the top – I got to make a graphic novel with my best friend Louie Joyce!

The second most important part is – you can buy that book at a discount right now, *and* get yourself a free commentary edition zine – but only if you back on Day One [right now!].

A FISTFUL OF PAIN just launched on Kickstarter right now – head on over and buy your copy today!

Yes. Also. Plus: this book is bloody amazing!

A FISTFUL OF PAIN is a new graphic novel from award-winning artist Louie Joyce and me [award-winning writer Ryan K Lindsay]. It is lettered by Thomas Mauer and published by ComixTribe and we are in love with what we’ve made.

The book is a fusion of Louie’s kinetic and insane artwork and a kung fu revenge storyline and a tale of two sisters duelling over the family dragon, Gilgamesh. You will meet Xin and you will care for her deeply and then you will follow her through this very difficult night. This book is massive and wild and such a spray of joy on the eyeballs.

I absolutely love this book and it’s one of the most special stories and projects I ever brought to life.

We just launched this comic on Kickstarter to cover a variety of preorder options and place our very best product into the world. Head over and browse around so you can get your hands into our…


Backers who jump into the campaign in the first 24 hours will have a number of perks…

— BUY THE HARDCOVER, Get the Process Zine FREE! $19 added value, free day one only. 

— GO DIGITAL, Get the Digital Process Zine FREE! (Basically, we give you the digital deluxe package free)  $7 added value, free day one only.

— Early Bird Pricing – Most tiers will have a discount price of a few $ off if you back in the first day

A Fistful of Process

This process zine, looking at all the work Louie put into making our book, is an insanely cool look behind the curtain on this book and something you are going to want, so you might as well get it for free on the first day!

Seriously, it’s this brilliant artefact, and it’s beautiful as well as educational. Day One: get it for free, *and* that’s when you buy the Hardcover or the Digital option for an already discounted price.

This is why you gotta head over to the campaign right now and sort out your backing option right now  – you do not want to sleep on this!

As for the book itself, the reason for the season, the book with the spine that’s way outta line, the comic on the page that’s causin’ all the rage [the four colour funny you’ll be reading on the dunny…too much?].

Here’s Louie’s Cover for our die-cut hardcover:

Here’s Louie’s cover for the softcover edition:

Here’s the amazing Eric Zawadzki cover we are running as a virgin variant:

Here are some preview pages:

I’ll drop more information as throughout our campaign and keep you all posted with what we have on offer because this is something special.

For now – know that we just launched, right now, so the clock is ticking for you to get the free Fistful of Process when you buy the discounted Hardcover or Digital option.

Make sure you’ve cruised on over so you do not miss out on my biggest book launch ever!

I’m losing my mind over how gorgeous this book is and I can’t wait for you to get in on this with us!

A FISTFUL OF PAIN is Coming! Soon…

I think this is what’s called a :soft announcement:

A FISTFUL OF PAIN – it is coming!

I have a new hardcover, die-cut, foil, kung fu revenge with dragons, masterpiece graphic novella coming out with one of my best friends, Louie Joyce, and being published by ComixTribe.

This book is, without any hyperbole, one of my dream projects.

I am so incredibly excited to be bringing this story to the world, and you can bet I’m going to be talking about it a whole lot over the coming month as Tyler James, ComixTribe Publisher, brings our book to Kickstarter to launch our story in the most bombastic and awesome ways possible.

Seriously – if you want a little extra mustard on your dog, this campaign is the one to dive into when we launch – there are multiple print options, art, enamel pins [and a little more to be unlocked later on]!

I’ll bang on more about this later, but for now, we just need you to hit this link and click the Notify Me button, and Kickstarter will let you know when we launch [as will I], and there are some First Day Backer Perks, so keep your eyes peeled!


Escape From Isla del Mundo – A New Solo RPG

Is ‘monster island’ a genre? It should be.

Your plane crashes onto an island. Through bloody eyes and fiery wreckage, you see what you came for – the monster you’ve prepared to hunt. Alas, you have none of your supplies or support crew. It’s just you and an island full of strange beasts and horrifying danger. Can you survive and get off this island in one piece?


My latest solo writing RPG is available on my itch.io store as a free download, or you can PWYW if you really dig it. This is a one-page game where the aim is for you to write an awesome story based on the structure and prompts I provide.

I’ve previously written/created 5 of these games and I’m absolutely enamoured with their delicate structure and robust depth of field. They are genuinely so much fun to write, just as much as I love reading those from others, and sometimes having a crack at playing them myself.

The inspiration for this really was just the words “Monster Island.” What more could stir the cockles of your creative heart than that combination of words. Monster Island might well be my Cellar Door – there’s a delight and a whole world of emotion and reaction woven into the dna of those arranged letters.

With that location layered as the base ingredient, I went about assembling 20 prompts that intrigued and delighted me for what a story might look like on an island full of monsters.

I was initially thinking of the final page of ELEKTRA #1 by Mike del Mundo and W. Haden Blackman – that whole run by these two is stellar on a storytelling level, and an Elektra level.

So from there I’m thinking KONG: SKULL ISLAND, which I just loved on a stupid level, and then even elements of PREDATOR and THE GREY, when it comes to being hunted in nature, and finally I thought about LOST. So there are monsters here, but also hints at some other stuff that you can spin in any direction – a shipwreck, an underground bunker, but no 4-toed statue, I promise.

This one was, as always, just a blast to write. Just unchecked creativity onto the page and I think some very cool stories could stem from this. Whether you commit to writing something completely, or just tinkering with this as a writing warm up each morning, or just read the one-page doc for fun, I hope this meets you where your creativity needs it today.

Escape From Isla del Mundo is a monster hunting story/game where you are stranded on an island and trying not to die at the hands of numerous monster attacks, while also trying to kill one specific monster, and then find your way safely off the island.


I also just saw it’s been 12 months since I discovered journaling rpgs – and what a wild year it’s been. I’ve bought so many, read heaps, and written a few of my own. I really love this slice of the world, creatively fulfilling and wonderfully delightful.

BACKSTORY – Preorder this one-shot comic right now!

It’s been a while since I released a one-shot comic. I love one-shot comics. They punch hard because they don’t need to save energy for later, they just run at you and swing.

And Jen Vaughn and I are swinging really hard on this one.


This comic is the tale of four teenage girls who come into possession of a superhero’s ring.

This tale is Lord of the Flies meets Yellowjackets with Green Lantern’s ring.

This comic is a supervillain origin story.

This is a tight short story I’ve been dying to share with the world, and now it is upon us!

You can preorder BACKSTORY right now as we crowdfund to bring this comic to life!

Jen and I have taken this comic to Crowdfundr because it’s a new crowdfunding platform that we believe in. We are huge fans of options within creative spaces [more publishers, more distribution channels, more avenues to success and collaboration and reading].

With your help, we can reach $3,000 to get this comic absolutely finalised, printed up, shipped out, and enjoyed around the world.

The main ways to help are:

$5 digital deluxe

Back us at this level and get the PDF, and the B+W version, and the script, and some other old pdfs from me and Jen

$10 print copy

We’ll send you a copy of the finished comic! Plus all the digital stuff :]

Share the link!

Just copy/past this slice of text – https://crowdfundr.com/backstory – and put it out to mates in a chat, in your newsletter, onto your feeds; any and all links shared help us get our story in front of the people who might want it, but don’t know it exists yet.

Jen Vaughn

I’ve been friends with Jen a long time [she’s super supportive, hilarious, and the reason I got to have dinner with Pia Guerra [co-creator of Y: THE LAST MAN one time!]. Jen is a creative superstar [in comics and the RPG world] and she’s brought absolute thunder to the art, design, inks, and story in this comic. I’m so excited to share her work on this comic with the world.

Jen is your next new favourite artist.

Me [Ryan K Lindsay]

I love writing comics.

I also love writing one-shots. I’ve written, and crowd funded, a whole bunch of them before!

BACKSTORY sits in this wheelhouse completely. It’s a big idea, wrapped up in some crazy moments, and it absolutely wants to emotionally kick you into next week.

Over the next month, Jen and I will push this story/campaign around and hope you all dig it. There are some other cool comics currently funding on Crowdfundr – check out this article on the esteemed Comic Book Yeti for details and links!

tl;dr – I’ve made a new comic with Jen Vaughn, it’s awesome, help us by preordering it now!

Click and preorder BACKSTORY today!

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