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EIR – Meet Alfie Gallagher

EIR exists because Alfie Gallagher came on board and made it the magic that it is.


This all ages sci fi one-shot comic is a pure collaboration between me and Alfie, and we are so excited to bring it to Kickstarter across all of November.


To learn more about the EIR Kickstarter campaign in general, CLICK HERE

To learn more about Sasha and Eir, the young female lead and her sentient sci fi helmet, CLICK HERE

I can remember, a while back, discovering Alfie’s art – probably on twitter. I can remember being blown away by it, and so starting a conversation with the man. A conversation that eventually led to this collaboration. I could see from Alfie’s expressive, fluid, and welcoming style, that’d he would quite simply crush it on an all ages book. And the script for EIR, then just titled with the stand-in HELMET, was coming along nicely and I knew he’d be the perfect partner in crime for this.

To say that Alfie has exceeded expectations on this book is an understatement. He brought the galactic funk when needed, he laid down the sass and the cool to always build character, and he completely annihilates those moments of emotional gravity where we want you to feel. Alfie is every reason this book succeeds, he is the champion behind it all. And he’s so ably aided by Triona Farrell on colours that you could forgive a writer for feeling like he isn’t needed – they do all the heavy lifting.

During our Kickstarter, it gives me great pleasure to share Alfie with you in exciting ways where you can pledge to receive original art from him. Just consider some of his artwork here to get a taste of his style and wild talent!

01 02 03

We launch on November 01 at 4pm EST Australia, so look closely below and work out what you want because I can’t imagine much of it will last long.

$80 will get you an ink sketch of Sasha in the helmet from Alfie

$90 will get you a bespoke ink sketch of whatever you want

$100 will get you 1 of 3 interior ink pages from the book – samples coming later

$115 will get you the inks for the EIR pin up


$130 will get you the inks for the EIR cover


$[affordable mystery price] will get you an inked cover for your own book by Alfie – a great opportunity for someone nascent putting together a comic and wanting it to look amazing on the shelf – so please consider quality assurance samples below.

09 11 12

I mean, simply behold that beauty above. Imagine that on the front of your own comic. Wild, right?

So, I suggest you set an alarm for November 01, 4pm Aussie EST, because all these art pledges go live, and they are a steal, and a great thing for your wall, and for your life.

EIR is a $1 all ages sci fi one-shot comic. We hope you dig. And in the wait time, Alfie is running a Kickstarter campaign right now for a gorgeous sketch book and you most likely need it in your life.


Thank you.

EIR – Meet Sasha and Eir

Sasha is the young female lead character of the $1 all ages sci fi one-shot coming to Kickstarter in November with Alfie Gallagher on art, Triona Farrell on colours, Ryan Ferrier on letters, Dan Hill on edits, and me writing.

Eir is the eponymous sentient helmet she wears.

You can get all the entry level details for the campaign here – click link


Today, we want you to meet Sasha:


Sasha wakes up one morning to find a sentient sci fi helmet on her windowsill. It’s offering to facilitate a little fun, and she’s looking to get away from her family downstairs.

Naturally, she’s instantly zooming across the galaxy into all kinds of mischief.


For an all ages sci fi story, I wanted to create an interesting female lead to guide us through the wilds of space. I wanted a character who could handle everything that was thrown at her, and want to dive into more. Sasha’s sense of adventure is a guiding light, but it’s her sense of higher purpose that really shows who she is through her actions.

Considering this romp is also a deconstruction of personal acceptance, exploration of self, and understanding of place with others, it made sense for us to create a flawed hero who wasn’t going to stop when things got tough. Sasha is determined and hilarious and committed and still a child.

She’s the sort of thing I want my two children to read in a comic, so here she is. I hope they dig her.

As for Eir, well, it’s a sentient helmet. Who likes to offer adventure. And advice. It was always going to be more than just a central prop, or a narrative conceit. Eir is something you come to know, and appreciate, and also feel for.

Eir might be the boss paint job and white wall tyres, but Sasha is the chassis forged in fire, and the engine that doesn’t know how to stop.

EIR comes to Kickstarter on Nov. 01 and we hope you check us out, and maybe snag a copy for the kids in your life, too.


EIR is coming to Kickstarter in November

I’m heading back to Kickstarter in November with EIR


This all ages sci fi 24 page one-shot comic is rocking Alfie Gallagher on art, Triona Farrell on colours, Ryan Ferrier on letters, Dan Hill editing, and me writing the script, all through my DIY imprint Four Colour Ray Gun.

The campaign launches on November 01, and there will be a sweet offer coming for those who back in the first 24 hours [more exciting info being released soon].

We’ll be starting the PDF of the comic at $1 – and we hope this lures in everyone who is, or has, a kid with a mobile device and who loves great genre fiction that doesn’t pander or talk down, has something important to say, and does it through insane intergalactic adventuring and a great young female lead in Sasha.



The campaign will expand to more pledge levels:

  • a $3 PDF absolutely full of extras – process material/sketches/designs, the script, an essay about other great all ages comics, etc.
  • the chance to get some Alfie commissions @ $90, or a cover from him @ $110 [all crazy bargains, he’s just so good]
  • an Audio Commentary from me

At present, there won’t be any options to buy the book in print through the campaign [see my usual complaints about the Australian postal system/costs], though perhaps exclusive opportunities could become available throughout the campaign [and extras could come with those rare print copies]… :]

This will be my fourth Kickstarter campaign, after raising over $10,000 for DEER EDITOR with Sami Kivelä across 3 years, and I’m excited to launch something new, and completely standalone.

Also a reminder that you can VIEW THE EIR TEASER TRAILER HERE

The whole team at Helmet HQ is keen to get this book out into the world because it means so much to us, and we completely believe in it and love it.


And we hope you do, too. DIY comics are fun to make, scary to make, and beautiful to get into the right hands. We hope you help us in November find all the people who need this and get us funded, and beyond.


THANK YOU, and stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks to see all the reasons to get excited and how this campaign can also work for you.


Always humbled when artists step up to drop some ink on a gorgeous Deer Editor pin up for our campaigns and some high quality peeps didn’t disappoint with the latest crop for the HACK Kickstarter campaign.

Below are the gorgeous pin ups provided, and what a bunch of backers will have to choose from for me to letter on a captions or balloon or something and email them the ghastly results.

Alex Cormack - Deer Editor Sexy Lamp H

Alex Cormack

Sebastian Piriz - Deer Editor - Pinup issue 3

Sebastian Piriz

Louie Joyce - Deer Editor Pinup_LJ

Louie Joyce

Jeff Martin - Deer Editor

Jeff Martin

Francesco Iaquinta deer editor_pin-up

Francesco Iaquinta

Doug Hills - DeerEditor

Doug Hills

Simone Guglielmini - Dark Deer Pin Up

Simone Guglielmini

Matt Horak - deer editor pin up

Matt Horak


Matthew Dunn


Paul Tucker


Ryan Lee


Scott Kowalchuk

Soo Lee

Soo Lee


Marc Ducrow



For only a $1 pledge, you can get yourself all hooked up with so much good stuff, check it! [LINK]


  • DEER EDITOR: HACK comic issue in pdf – available at conclusion of the campaign
  • THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS: EXAMINING MATT MURDOCK AND DAREDEVIL ebook of essays – available for download right now!
  • THE SHOT HEARD ROUND THE WORLDS comic short in pdf – available for download right now!
  • STUCK IN THE GUTTERS #2 comic magazine file – available for download right now!
  • THE META-COOL OF HOMAGE: Layers of Fidelity with Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk essay pdf – available for download right now!

Look at all that content [and so much available instantly for your peepers] for just $1.

There’s a reason we funded in 7 hours, and have blasted through stretch goal after stretch goal to find ourselves over $3600 in under half our campaign.

And just consider what you get for $3

  • DEER EDITOR: HACK in a deluxe pdf with back matter, the script, pin ups, as well as a now unlocked extra 4 page short story, and an Antler Noir prose story.
  • When we hit $4k, we’ll add the chance for all backers to submit a Six Word Newspaper Noir story which will be added to the deluxe pdf.

But, really, all we need is $1 – it gets you so much.

If you’ve already backed, thank you. If you’re about to, thank you. Spread the word, link up your mates, download the free fun stuff, get excited, charge for $4k, and believe in #antlernoir

DEER EDITOR: HACK Kickstarter Launches Tomorrow

All chronospheres set to 4pm EST Australia tomorrow, Tuesday Aug 30, yeah?

The DEER EDITOR: HACK kickstarter launches and Sami Kivelä and I have a month to raise $2000


You can read all about the campaign tomorrow when it launches, but for now:

  • Get the whole DEER EDITOR: HACK issue/pdf for $1
  • Get all 3 DEER EDITOR issues [comprising a full set] for $3
  • Back in the first 24 hours at the $3+ level and also get a pdf of CHUM #1 from Sami and me
  • Have Sami Kivelä draw a fully inked/coloured cover for your comic for $300
  • Every time we hit 100 backers, I’m going to send all three DEER EDITOR issues in print to one lucky backer.
  • And there’s plenty more to enjoy, and hidden up our sleeves. Some of the stretch goals are ace, so stay tuned.

Have a look, back the comic, share with a mate, all is appreciated.

Support indie comics and be a legend for life.

Oh, and enjoy the following pin ups that’ll be featured throughout the campaign and comic because they are amazing.

Alex Cormack - Deer Editor Sexy Lamp H

pin up by Alex Cormack

Doug Hills - DeerEditor

pin up by Doug Hills

Francesco Iaquinta deer editor_pin-up

pin up by Francesco Iaquinta

Jeff Martin - Deer Editor

pin up by Jeff Martin

Louie Joyce - Deer Editor Pinup_LJ

pin up by Louie Joyce

Sebastian Piriz - Deer Editor - Pinup issue 3

pin up by Sebastian Piriz

Simone Guglielmini - Dark Deer Pin Up

pin up by Simone Guglielmini

Matt Horak - deer editor pin up

pin up by Matt Horak

Matt Horak2 - deer editor pin up

pin up by Matt Horak, again


~ See you all tomorrow ~

Get a Sami Kivelä Cover for Your Comic

For those who know and love Sami Kivelä’s ability to draw an amazing cover for a comic, I know you’ll want to pay attention to how you can get him to create a comic cover for your own comic.

For those who aren’t yet in love with Sami’s cover brilliance, bask in this good business:

Screenshot 2016-04-04 21.23.07

Sami has a way of boiling down the tone of your story, and the central themes, and putting out a piece of art that’s just brilliant. These 3 covers were for our series CHUM, at ComixTribe, which was a surf noir tale. He brings the pulp and the violence and the dread to each cover.

And here’s the cover we originally pitched with, that I still love because it looks like a surf music record cover:

coloured cover

This is a cover for a hard sci fi periodical Sami and I will be launching soon called CURRICULUM. It’s an ensemble piece, about isolation and exploration and survival, and he’s nailed that here, with assistance from Marissa Louise’s colours.

Screenshot 2016-08-25 21.03.40

Now imagine you could commission Sami for a cover on your own work. That would be pretty amazing, right?

Well, in the DEER EDITOR: HACK Kickstarter, launching Aug 30, Sami is offering the chance to commission him for one [1] cover that he will ink and colour for your project [his subject approval pending, naturally] and he’ll send you all the hi-res files and such that you can use it for your book and promotional materials for the life of your project.

Sami is only offering one of these opportunities, and for the great cover commission price of AU$300.

The campaign launches next week so you have time to think this over and check your bak account, but you’ll want to decide quickly because this one is definitely not going to last long.

Imagine how good your book would look with a cover by Sami Kivelä on the front…see you next Tuesday.

DEER EDITOR: HACK Kickstarter First Day Gift

Now there’s even more reason to set aside August 30 as International Antler Day in your calendar and mobile device reminders beyond just the fact that the DEER EDITOR: HACK Kickstarter campaign is launching.

Sami Kivelä and I have decided that anyone who backs our DEER EDITOR: HACK campaign [at the $3 pledge level or above] in the first 24 hours will be gifted a free pdf of issue #1 of our surf noir miniseries CHUM from ComixTribe.


The moment trading closes on that first day, we will email a fresh download link to all backers instantly where they can redeem a pdf download of the first issue of a comic series described as “A book tailer-made for any fan of film noir or pulp novels.” by James Ferguson at Horror Talk, and Alice W. Castle says “Ryan K. Lindsay is channelling his best Raymond Chandler with writing that is pulpy and atmospheric.”

We want to launch our campaign with a bang, and that’s why we’re giving you a fortnight’s notice for our launch. We also know that whenever you back a campaign an email will be sent to all people who follow you and that’s just good opening day mojo for us. Let’s get us funded as quickly as possible so we have time to stew over the fun stuff that comes next, right?

If you dig Sami Kivelä’s work, and you want a double shot of it, then set your seventeen alarm clocks to all rattle your molars on August 30 so you can back and have a great new comic in your hot little hand by the end of the day.

Because little else goes with #antlernoir as well as #surfnoir.


DEER EDITOR: HACK Kickstarter Campaign Details

Set aside August 30 in your calendar as International Antler Day because we’ll be launching the DEER EDITOR: HACK Kickstarter campaign that day.


Sami Kivelä and I have set up a blistering 30 day blitzkrieg we think you’re all going to enjoy in order to get this latest and final issue of DEER EDITOR into that small gap your soul has been lamenting for decades.

We need to raise $2000 in 30 days to have this comic become a pdf reality in your world. Yesterday we revealed the basics and gave you a teaser trailer [LINK]:

  • The DEER EDITOR: HACK pdf will be $1
  • The pdfs for the first 2 DEER EDITOR issues will be available through the campaign
  • We have some really sweet Thank You and Stretch Goal additions to the campaign to reveal [some things you’ve all never seen before]
  • There will be a special bonus to those who back in the first 24 hours [TBA]

Today we’ll delve into the campaign pledge level specificities for you:


The HACK story in a DRM-free PDF. Nothing extra, no distractions, just the whole story at an entry level price ready to read on your tablets.

~48 pages, + credits and chapter pages

This level might be my death because if everyone only chooses here I’ll need 2000 backers to make my goal. But I’m a firm digital reader who loves the $1 price point. So, here we are.

$3 – BROADSHEET PDF and the other 2 Tabloid PDFs

The HACK story, with back matter, sketches, pin ups, and script, in a DRM-free PDF, as well as the Tabloid PDFs for #1-2.

~110 pages, + other extras as we unearth them :]

~96 Tabloid pages

This Broadsheet is the deluxe package, this is the sort of PDF I’d lose my mind for. Process junkies, those wanting a peek behind the curtain, this is your place to be. I also think this price is fair but a gamble to get us across the line.

Inside you will find the entire story, plus some back matter written by me, then some sketches and thumbnails by Sami, as well as some pin ups of Bucky (by ???), some designed prints by me, at least one ink sketch by me, as well as the full script of this issue. You can see some examples of these things at the bottom of the page.


Okay now, this is FOUR! PDFs. You get the BROADSHEET PDF for HACK, and also the RKL SCRIPT #3 PDF, feat. scripts of MANY of my other projects, as well as the Tabloid PDFs for #1-2.

The script PDF will contain scripts to:

NEGATIVE SPACE #2 – my book at Dark Horse with Owen Gieni – CHUM #1 – my surf noir mini with Sami – CAPTAIN HUMAN THE ROBOT: AFTER HOURS EDIT – a short story that’s for the adults in the room that I did with Jin Chan Yum Wai – and HEADSPACE #7-8 – the conclusion my book with Eric Zawadzki through Monkeybrain/IDW – and maybe anything else I might find that would be to your interests.

I love reading comic scripts, they certainly help hone my own writing, so I hope some process junkies out there really dig on this beast of a package.


Select one of the pin ups by our amazing guest artists and I’ll write a word balloon/thought bubble/caption and I’ll dirty letter it myself and JPEG it to your inbox. Comes with the BROADSHEET PDF for HACK + RKL SCRIPT #3 PDF, as well as the Tabloid PDFs for #1-2.

You can choose from those available [which I’ll send to you in a detailed list at the end of the campaign but you can see them listed below]. I will then write something ghastly and superfantastic to be lettered onto the pin up and we’ll send this one of a kind digital keepsake straight to you. And I must admit, writing these is a great challenge and a whole mess of fun.

example Talking Pin Up 


Ryan will record an audio commentary of the issue that you can listen to as you read the book in realtime. The audio files will be sent to you. Comes with the BROADSHEET PDF for HACK + RKL SCRIPT #3 PDF, as well as the Tabloid PDFs for #1-2.

I love audio commentaries on DVDs, and I love reading people’s annotations, so this is a lock, right? Well, also consider what backers at this level got last campaign in total by the end of the campaign [LINK]

$60 – TYPE PLATE EDITION – limited to 3

A copy of the DE HACK script, printed, with stains and red pen annotations through it by Ryan. Comes with the BROADSHEET PDF for HACK + RKL SCRIPT #3 PDF + AUDIO COMMENTARY, as well as the Tabloid PDFs for #1-2.

Because this sort of thing is special. From me, to you – and last time I did a little CHUM sketch cover on the back of the final page and it was fun!


$80 – EDITORIAL ASSIST – limited to 3

A full issue script analysis by Ryan K Lindsay, with a one hour Skype rundown post-game. Comes with the BROADSHEET PDF for HACK + RKL SCRIPT #3 PDF. + AUDIO COMMENTARY, as well as the Tabloid PDFs for #1-2.

I’m no Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes but I have some mind for comic writing. I also know how important it is to get another set of eyes on your writing so I’m happy to help out, make some notes on a full issue script of 24 pages max, and chat them through with you. I also have a lovely bearded face for Skype, so, y’know, that alone might be worth it.

$90 – SAMI DEER PIN UP – limited to 6

Series artist, Sami Kivelä will draw a Deer Editor pin up for you at A4 size and also send it to you all for this glorious price. Comes with the BROADSHEET PDF for HACK + RKL SCRIPT #3 PDF. + AUDIO COMMENTARY, as well as the Tabloid PDFs for #1-2.

I mean, look at the gorgeousness he dropped last time this was on offer?



$140 – SAMI OPEN PIN UP – limited to 4

Series artist, Sami Kivelä will draw a pin up of any character for you at A4 size and also send it to you in the mail. Comes with the BROADSHEET PDF for HACK + RKL SCRIPT #3 PDF. + AUDIO COMMENTARY, as well as the Tabloid PDFs for #1-2.


We hope you start to budget now, and set your sights on what you might want/need from us, and if you have any questions then please reach out and ask [twitter LINK // facebook LINK]

Tomorrow we’ll drop by and show you some of the pin ups we’ve been gifted so far in prep for the campaign. We really think you’ll dig them pretty hard.

DEER EDITOR: HACK – coming to Kickstarter August 30

Tell your friends and lock up your daughters.

The latest, and final, issue of DEER EDITOR from Sami Kivelä and me, with Nic J. Shaw on letters, is complete and ready to begin a wild September ride on Kickstarter for your entertainment. Here’s a quick teaser trailer for it.

DEER EDITOR: HACK needs to raise $2000 in 30 days to become a reality. We will reveal more tomorrow in specificity, but for now all you need to know is:

  • The DEER EDITOR: HACK pdf will be $1
  • The pdfs for the first 2 DEER EDITOR issues will be available through the campaign
  • We have some really sweet Thank You and Stretch Goal additions to the campaign to reveal [some things you’ve all never seen before]
  • There will be a special bonus to those who back in the first 24 hours [TBA]

We hope you’ll mark off Tuesday August 30 as International Antler Day in your calendars, join us for the launch, and stay tuned here or on the DE tumblr [LINK] where we’ll be filling your heads with information about the pledge levels, the special extras, the art teases, and why you need this comic in the lives of you and your loved ones.

DEER EDITOR #1 raised over $2k, and smashed its initial goal in ~25 hours

DEER EDITOR: FEARLESS raised over $3k, and smashed its initial goal in ~12 hours

Here’s hoping we can rally ourselves for one final digital-only campaign to smash the $4k ceiling, and hit our $2k goal in the first week.

In #antlernoir we trust.

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