What Is Best In Life? – 2011 Style

by ryankl


Here’s a brief look over the year that was.

Top Book of 2011

Fun & Games – Duane Swierczynski

I read this book within days of buying it. It helped I was on holiday, with a bit more time on my hands, but be damned if this thing didn’t rock my socks off. Swierczynski is a household favourite, he’s topped this honour before, and this time he earns it completely with an adrenaline shot of narrative that is uncompromising and completely fantastic. If you count yourself a fan of crime fiction, and you like a thrill, then get in on this book. First of a trilogy, bring on the next ones, I say.

Runner Up: 11.22.63 by Stephen King

Top Comic of 2011

Green Wake – Kurtis J Wiebe & Riley Rossmo

This comic is phenomenal. I wish I could buy multiple copies of the trade and give them to you all. It’s the sort of thing that feels like it was created to fill a void I was always waiting for. This Cronenbergian-Hammett mystery is brilliant. Purely brilliant and I have been telling you this all year.

Runner Up: Criminal: Last of the Innocent

Top Movie of 2011

The Ides Of March – George Clooney

Be damned if this movie didn’t exceed my expectations. The script is tight, the direction is superb, and Gosling is one very good actor. The first movie in a long time I have wanted to watch again as soon as the credits rolled. Golden.

Runner Up: Thor

Top TV Show of 2011

Breaking Bad

I finally got swept up in this show and I’m glad I did. I’m only just starting the third season but this is the sort of show I can get lost in and I WILL find the time to finish this off. Bryan Cranston is a beast as Walter White – seriously, acting like you haven’t even actually seen before. The storytelling structures are wonderful and it’s this sort of show why I keep faith in television as a medium.

Runner Up: The Wire S3 – I’m still catching up.

Top Podcast of 2011


I know, right, who knew I’d choose my own show? I’ve enjoyed recording this show every time. I also love listening to the show. I become inspired, I find my centre and focus, and I realise why I love comics and love writing them even more. This podcast is just the start, I’m sure, but I’m happy to dwell in these nascent days for quite some time.

Runner Up: 3 Chicks Review Comics

Top iApp of 2011


It wins again with its fantastic customer service and great updates. I’ve had the odd issue with the app and when I email or tweet about it someone is on the case within about 6 hours, or less. That’s good service. I also love digital comics as they represent a gateway to the past. Back issues are my dream on this thing and each sale day I eagerly await what they drop, and every Wednesday shows me some new and cool stuff in the just released section. Having an iPad helps but this app is just golden in most ways.

Runner Up: TweetDeck

Top Art of 2011

How To Choose…?

It’s been a busy year for my inbox. Daniel J Logan has dropped some stellar sketches and pages on me for two short stories. Shannon Ritchie has put together a very nice pitch for Heist. My man, Mal, has completely floored me with the pitch pages for A Love Supreme. Emma is all over my most personal and emotional tale, so far. So many good artists and no way to pick a top spot. I’ll just share my top panel from each.

Top Family of 2011


This gorgeous woman and lovely little man provide my daily inspiration and support and I could not thank them enough for it all. They are everything to me and it’s kind of nice to know that if the rest disappeared, the books, the art, the podcasts, everything, I would still be sensationally happy with just our little world of three. This is my true success, and always will be.

Runner Up: Yours.

2011 has been one hell of a year. So many good things and I have an idea 2012 just might even be better. I hope your year has been just as good.