What Is Best In Life? – 2012 Style

by ryankl

2012 was a cracker, let’s take a peek at what I dug.

Top Movie of 2012

The Grey

Man, I had a tough time making this choice. This choice could easily have been The Avengers, that movie made me so happy and was so pitch perfect. I also could have chose Looper because I dug that script hard and JGL is always a seller. I ended up, at least for today, on The Grey because it’s a film that’s really about something and I think that’s kind of important. The Grey is about men, masculinity, violence, and I think every dude should watch it and if the ladies can dig it then they’ll certainly learn something about us. Pacing, tenseness, acting, and script all come together.

Honourable Mention: Looper/The Avengers

Top TV of 2012

Breaking Bad S5

Natch. You really can’t fault this show and this season, though short, really dropped some great character moments Walt and Jesse. The train heist was boss and that final moment really has me hanging for more.

Honourable Mention: The Walking Dead S3

Top Podcast of 2012


I’m annoyed with myself for only having this past year discovered Radiolab. It’s smart, it’s incredibly well put together, and I’ve stolen like a dozen story ideas/moments from it already. Golden.

Honourable Mention: The Nerdist Writers’ Panel

Top Music of 2012

surf music

I’m hooked on as much as I can find right now. It started as inspiration for my beach noir project but now it’s just my summer jam. Rad.

Honourable Mention: not much else

Top Book of 2012

Marvel Comics: The Untold Story

I haven’t finished this one yet but between my anticipation and now the glorious delivery of it all, I’m hooked. Non-fic about the golden days of Marvel, I was always a sucker for this before it even existed.

Honourable Mention: World War Z audiobook

Top iApp of 2012


This has been a new addition to my iPad but I’m loving it. There are three ways to add online articles to the archives to be read even when offline. I can use the tab on my laptop to send it to the app, or copy addresses and email them to myself to go into the app, or on my iPad copy the link then open the app and it adds them. I’m pruning down my online time at the computer for anything but working so stock piling articles is perfect. I love it.

Honourable Mention: ComiXology, my true north

That’s my 2012, what say you?