The Martin Scorsese Movie List

by ryankl

Alright, here’s a long one. Scorsese is a king of cinema, probably my favourite of the movie brats, and he’s been chugging along for a while now. As always, the list is mine, and probably only mine, feel free to tell me yours with comments or links.

1. Taxi Driver

2, Raging Bull

3. Goodfellas

4. Mean Streets

5. The Departed

6. Shutter Island

7. The Last Temptation of Christ

8. After Hours

9. The Aviator

10. Gangs of New York

11. Casino

12. Cape Fear

13. The King of Comedy

14. New York, New York

15. Bringing In The Dead

16. Kundun

17. The Age of Innocence

NA. Boxcar Bertha

NA. Who’s That Knocking At My Door?

NA. Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

NA – Hugo


I’m shamed to have a few entries I have still to see. Getting my hands on copies of these has always proved problematic. Lame. Though, from all I know of them I don’t think any were going to nudge into the top ten anyway, so no worries.

Taxi Driver is one of those movies where it might not be Scorsese’s absolute best flick but it certainly resonates with me. What does it say about a teen when this flick really inspires him (to create, not to be the main character…)?

I have dropped Casino pretty far down purely because it’s Goodfellas Lite and shall be treated as such.

It’s strange putting all these flicks together like this, you realise Scorsese has plenty of good flicks but only  a small handful of great ones. I’d say six – which is actually probably more than so many other directors. Who wouldn’t kill to have six absolute classic movies out there forever with their name on them. I guess I’m just used to thinking of Scorsese as this visionary and it’s surprising to see so many films you like but don’t love.

I do think Scorsese would be one director who people will have plenty of variations to their own list, perhaps that’s his power.

Man, The Departed really is that good. I think it can stand up as a Scorsese classic. Go rewatch that flick and tell me it’s not satisfying and engrossing. Though it never felt to me like a ‘Scorsese’ flick – it doesn’t look or feel like him but the acting is superb.

Mean Streets is one I haven’t seen in ages. That movie is worth all the hype.

After Hours is one that’s good but it will never find its audience. You can love it for that reason, sure, but that doesn’t actually make it great.

Raging Bull might be the best flick on this list. It’s structurally superb.

The Big Shave doesn’t count for this list. But it’s awesome and you should see it.

The music flicks don’t count for this list. Deal with it.

Bringing In The Dead was one I was keen for back in the day but have no desire to revisit.

Gangs of New York feels like it should have been better but it just wasn’t. And Scorsese getting to collaborate with Daniel Day Lewis should have been a complete win.

Shutter Island will finally get what’s coming to it in a few years. Maybe by then people will actually understand the ending.

I liked The Aviator. It’s bold in a fair few ways.

I want to see Hugo. Eventually.

I want to see Boardwalk Empire even sooner.

This is my list, what’s yours?