SURVIVOR – at Challenger Comics

by ryankl

SURVIVOR is a six page comic short about fatherhood. It looks like a space tale, feels like one too, but it’s really just about fatherhood. And fear.

SURVIVOR – at Challenger Comics

awesome panel - survivor

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I was lucky enough to have Daniel J Logan illustrate this story and he took it to a whole new level. I loved his initial designs and the pages came out so damn fine. For all the design and world building on display, it’s actually the emotion that shows through and delivers the bomb on the final page.

I was lucky enough to get this short onto the slate over at Ryan Ferrier’s publisher site. Ferrier’s a cool dude and I love the other amazing things on that site. A masterclass on all kinds of comics. Take a slow look around.

Go read Survivor, it’s completely free, and I hope you dig the end. Dig it like a hole.