The Great #fearagentreadalong – Part One

by ryankl

The FEAR AGENT LIBRARY EDITION has arrived. I must become one with it. To force myself into devouring it, and also just because I think it’ll be fun, I’ll be running a #fearagentreadlong on my twitter. I won’t be spoiling, no way, no how. Feel free to join in the fun.

This might take me a while. I’ll post here in chunks.


Looking at this gorgeous FEAR AGENT HC and thinking about posting some #fearagentreadalong thoughts. You game to join in?

Slick black cover with a UV spot treated porthole Heath Huston image is boss. Fact.#fearagentreadalong

Ooh, goddamn, look at these end pages. #fearagentreadalong

This book smells like paint. True story. #fearagentreadalong

And this title page is design heaven. Man, I could spend a decade reading this book. #fearagentreadalong

I love forewords/author’s notes/back matter of any kind. Even at the front. This one is great.#fearagentreadalong

Opena was in video game design and @Remender brought him back. Wow. I owe Remender a beer.#fearagentreadalong

It gets real when he talks about depression. I can see this book is wry much for me, it holds truth.#fearagentreadalong

“How else should we gauge the success of art? Money and audience size, right?” This back matter, at the front, rocks. #fearagentreadalong

He acts like he’s just talking smack but somewhere in the middle of the Foreword truth is told. Golden.#fearagentreadalong

RE-IGNITION #fearagentreadalong

Aw, yeah, this art looks amazing at this size. I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this. Take my time.#fearagentreadalong

Opening panel is interesting in what it offers. Scope of space, style and tone of the quirk, sci fi via hillbilly.#fearagentreadalong

Opening scene is tight. Dialogue carries so much world content, it acts as a pre-credits tease. Felt bad at the end. #fearagentreadalong

Space cowboy/hillbilly philosophy. I’ll teach the 101 in 2014.#fearagentreadalong

Don’t see enough silhouette panels. They break up page flow, in a good way. Do writers script ’em, or artists choose? #fearagentreadalong

Fight sequence between Huston and Zlasfons is so well structured. Each page works in step, builds to a beat. Crescendo.#fearagentreadalong

P.23 – great use of colour to build to the page turn. Use every tool in the warchest to #makecomics #fearagentreadalong

This gang fight feels like a metaphor for #makecomics. Huston is kind of losing. #fearagentreadalong

Now that is one hell of a splash page. Use ’em wisely.#fearagentreadalong

“I can feel the pitiful bastard’s jaw snap clean beneath my foot.” This represents so much of the book. Tone, intent. #fearagentreadalong

Great intro issue. Drops the world and the character right in our laps and makes us feel ’em. Golden.#fearagentreadalong

Alright, that’s enough#fearagentreadalong for one night. I got a script needs my attention.


So that covers the design, the opening pages, and the first issue. Yep, this is going to take a while. Giddy up.