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Month: February, 2013

ECCC, Table G-01, and Ryan K Lindsay

I am going to be in Seattle this weekend from the 1st to the 3rd of March, 2013, for the Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC). I’ll be at Table G-01 with my #makecomics spirit animal, Paul Allor.

There will be certain things available in which I have words. Here are their details.

FATHERHOOD comic one-shot – $4


This emotional noir crash about a father’s love for his daughter warping when he breaks down and enters an imaginary pulp landscape is a gruelling story of love and chasing down what you feel you need, whether it’s by car, foot, or bleeding knuckle.

Featuring art by Daniel Schneider, colours from the incomparable Paulina Ganucheau, letters from Brandon DeStefano, and design from the sublime Christopher Kosek, this book was an emotional task to create. The result is 22 pages of high stakes narrative with a back up essay and one of the finest covers I’ve ever seen on a comic.

Because I’m Australian, and thus postage to the world is hard to afford, I also have the digital version of the book available on the Challenger Comics site. It’s 99c so feel free to get into it.


This analytical tome of essays – of which I edited, contributed some, and contracted others into – explores the themes and narratives of Marvel’s Daredevil character. I write about Matt Murdock’s storied love life and how the Brubaker/Lark/Gaudiano run is inspired by cinematic noir from the 70s. Other luminary scholars, including Tim Callahan, Julian Darius, Matt Duarte, write about topics from Mike Murdock, to Daredevil’s relationships with Spider-Man and the Punisher, as well as the science fact involved in the creation of this blind vigilante. As a gigantic Daredevil fan, I can assure you this is the book you need to read.

Because I don’t want to mess around with change, and I’m such a good bloke, I’m selling the book at ECCC for $1 off retail at a clean $15. You are welcome.



This Sequart Single volume takes my major essay from the above book and produces it as a standalone purchase. It’s slim, it’s sexy, and it’s only $5; and it’s all from me. I analyse and discuss Matt Murdock’s forays into the romantic battlefields with Karen Page, Elektra, the Black Widow, Typhoid Mary, and Milla Donovan. There is also a special Coda inclusion – but you’ll have to buy it to find out who that is.

Again, if you buy the main book it has this essay so you don’t need it. This is more a sampler or something for the Ryan K Lindsay Completist 🙂

If you won’t be at ECCC, you can buy it in print and in digital format on Amazon.


Oxymoron_Cover copy copy

This book is a collection of comic shorts all about the Oxymoron character from ComixTribe. There is a rogues gallery of creators associated (Paul Allor, Jason Ciaramella, Joe Mulvey, Mark Poulton, Daniel J Logan, John Lees, and a hell of a lot more). I wrote a short story in there, with art from Daniel J Logan, and it’s pretty brutal. Perhaps not for the kidlets but definitely something to sink your teeth into. And all the other stories are dynamite as well. To top it off, it’s an oversozed HC because our Kickstarter went gangbusters.

Treat yourself to this now as I’ll be the ECCC exclusive seller of this fine volume – and I can sign it and so can Paul Allor (contributor himself and conveniently sitting right next to me).

If you aren’t at ECCC you can try your luck on Amazon or wait for it to be Diamond solicited soon (sans the names of Lindsay and Allor scrawled inside them).

HEADSPACE – free for your peepers


I’m bringing a pitch with me to ECCC. It’s for a prospective miniseries and features art from Eric Zawadzki.

Headspace is about Shane Garraty, the sheriff of Carpenter Cove, discovering his town is actually a construct created by the government within the mind of a spy to mine information and memories from him. Garraty then discovers the spy was the man who murdered his son. Amidst a full scale attack from the spy’s disturbed memories and fears, Garraty must find a way to survive so he can bring the man to justice.

If you ask, I’ll be more than happy to show you the preview 5 pages and awesome design work of Ryan Ferrier.


Yep, I’m also bringing some cool FATHERHOOD merch with me. I’ll have:

Poster prints of the gorgeous cover at 12 x 18 on card stock – $6


And stickers (because I LOVE stickers) at 3.75 x 3.75 – $2



I’m going to try and get around the con, I have a list of things in my notebook already that I need to remember to buy, but otherwise please find me at Table G-01 and hit me up for a chat. I’m always keen to talk comics or pretty much anything – I actually find it hard to sow down once you get me started. I’ll also have my iPad on there so you might want to scope out some sweet art for forthcoming things like my MLP one-shot, or my #beachnoir project.

I look forward to seeing you all there!


FATHERHOOD – 99c Digital Download on Challenger Comics

FATHERHOOD is now available digitally on Challenger Comics.

Go to Challenger Comics and for 99c get yourself a shiny DRM-free digital version of the one-shot book I have written. Daniel Schneider slays it on art, Paulina Ganucheau’s colours are off the charts, Brandon DeStefano’s letters are magnificent, and Christopher Kosek’s design work is THE best, hands down.

Just look at this cover, how could you possibly resist?


Download FATHERHOOD now!

FATHERHOOD Review Round Up – NerdSpan, Comic Books and Cookies, and FAN

FATHERHOOD is a one-shot comic through Challenger Comics which I wrote. It has art from Dabiel Schneider, colours from Paulina Ganucheau, letters from Brandon DeStefano, and design from Christopher Kosek. I am extremely proud of this book. It has received some early reviews so follow the links to scope them out.

NerdSpan – Forrest Helvie looks into the emotional impact of the book as he starts a trifecta of reviews from Challenger Comics books.

Comic Books and Cookies – Ari reviews the book and then we get into an interview where I shed some intimate light onhow this book came about. I really enjoyed this interview.

FAN – Andrew Leslie (@dethfilm) reviews the book and has some kind words to say about it.

It’s really something else to have your work reviewed by others in the world. I like it.


Blind Dates and Broken Hearts – BUY IT on AMAZON NOW

For my book of essays about Daredevil from Sequart, titled THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS: EXAMINING MATT MURDOCK AND DAREDEVIL, I wrote a very long essay about the love life of our scarlet swashbuckler. Sequart dug it so much they’ve decided to also offer this essay as a standalone Single volume.

Blind Dates and Broken Hearts: The Tragic Loves of Matthew Murdock – buy it on Amazon now in print and digital

Read all about it on Sequart.org

I’m extremely proud to get this honour.



Artist Sketches For Baby Lindsay 2.0

My second child, a daughter, is born. She came today. I could not be happier right now.

To celebrate this, I had a grand idea. I want to collect a bunch of artwork dedicated to her in her first week with me, her mother, and her adoring older brother.

I’m putting out the call to any mates with artistic abilities to lend a hand this week. I want to create a small journal full of all the great art I can muster up that you’re willing to share with her.

If you are interested, here’s what you can do:

  • Create a piece of art. It can be a five minute doodle on a napkin, or a full blown commission with colours (she really digs Iron Fist). If you normally do a daily/warm up sketch then just dedicate that to her, but please don’t dedicate any actual comic pages or pin up material intended for others, I’m looking for informal stuff. I don’t want to put anyone out. The art can be of anything you want (Iron Fist, a moon over a lake, your favourite superhero costume, a life drawing, anything).
  • Take a photo of the art. It can be scanned in or just zapped with you iTripodCamera. Send the photo to me in an email/tweet/carrier pigeon neck tube.
  • If you want to add words in a thought balloon/speech bubble/caption then just dedicate it to ‘Baby Lindsay 2.0’ – I’ll make sure she gets the message.

If you are keen for this then I cannot thank you enough. I’m certain this will be awesome, and something the whole Lindsay Family will remember for a long time.

Thank you.

The Devil Is In The Details Interview With Comix Tribe

Tyler James took some time out to ask me a handful of pretty rad questions about Daredevil and my upcoming book from Sequart all about him. It was a blast to chat with him. Check it out:

Dissecting Daredevil

It was especially awesome thinking about how I’d handle the title if given it. Kung fu noir.




Robot 6 Run My Daredevil Six by 6

In which I discuss; Six largely ignored Daredevil stories worth tracking down

Kevin Melrose at Robot 6 was fantastic to work with and when I discussed getting some press out about THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS: EXAMINING MATT MURDOCK AND DAREDEVIL he was completely on board for doing something different. He didn’t want to just post the press release, he wanted to have some fun, so we swatted around ideas and then I offered to write an original article about six relatively ignored or forgotten Daredevil tales. The result is the article you can click through above to read. It was a lot of fun to write, and I hope some people find a new trade they should pick up. For clarity, the stories I discuss are:

Daredevil/Black Widow: Abattoir

Battlin’ Jack Murdock


Flying Blind

What If … Daredevil Became an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Daredevil #297 – The Termination of Typhoid


CRIME FACTORY – I Talk With Charles Ardai About James M Cain

The latest CRIME FACTORY issue is out, #12 for those keeping score. In this celebration of the worst of the worst, I hold down some pages in order to chat with Hard Case Crime publisher Charles Ardai about the lost James M Cain novel they just published, The Cocktail Waitress. Charles was a great man to interview and I think our chat came out real swell, it certainly goes on for a while.

Download CRIME FACTORY #12 in a variety of formats, one of them even free, though supporting the good men with your dollars is certainly appreciated.


I’m also excited to delve into this thing to scope an article about Abel Ferrara’s New York – now that’s a topic.


HORROR FACTORY – The Pop Occult Gumshoe Phenomenon

The good pulp soldiers over at the Crime Factory released a special magazine called HORROR FACTORY. Within its macabre pages you can read awesome articles/stories/gonzo about different horror topics. It’s a fantastic read and you should check it out.

Download HORROR FACTORY #1 from Crime Factory in a multitude of formats, and one is even free.

HF Cover Promo

I wrote about Clive Barker’s creation Harry D’Amour in The Pop Occult Gumshoe Phenomenon. I analyse what makes my favourite of Barker’s characters work so well.


Opening Novel Lines

“Being knee deep in a grave was a weird feeling.”

“He kicked my ass good and I knew I was wrong so I pretty much let it happen.”

“Incessant yet erratic pounding sounded like someone was trying to break into Edgar’s reality one dislodged chunk at a time.”

“It’s rare to see a comic hero dump someone.”

These four sentences are the opening sentences to the four novels I have written.

I really dislike one of them.

I have to say, I’m massively digging that last one. It’s from a novel I wrote in a flurry right before my wedding. The wife told me I could not be writing a novel once we hit our marriage. Just for that planning/exucuting phase, she needed my attention and brain – two things I lose while elbows deep in a novel. So I worked my ass off and wrapped up Novel #3 quickly. In fact, it was so quick that I felt I had time up my sleeve. So I secretly started Novel #4 and managed to wrap it in a few months and well before the wedding.

And there it has sat ever since. Unlike the other novels, which have gone through a variety of rereading, editing, even shopping, this fourth book hasn’t even been read once. We got married, honeymoon, I landed a gig with TWC, then CBR, then a son, then more comic writing ops, then kid 2.0. It’s been a blur and I have not gone back once. Opening the doc to get this line would be the first time I went in there in two years, easy.

But there is the opening line from Novel #4 and it represents the book – or what I remember of it – perfectly. I dig it.

It was interesting to go back and scope these lines out, and post them here. An opening line should really put the reader right into the book. It’s so important. You have to hook the reader. It’s a balanced alchemy and one you can’t think too much about but it does require thought. Some of my lines above do this well, I believe. Some do not. I’ll let you decide.

I love opening lines; they’re like a first kiss.

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