Ghost Town Begins – Solicitations

by ryankl

Ghost Town is an ongoing series from Action Lab Entertainment’s Danger Zone mature imprint. I am a sub-creator and the main writer.


The first issue is in Previews now and drops in May – you can get it with the Diamond Order Code MAR130765. You should preorder it, set it up for pull at your LCS, or set an alarm to buy it on ComiXology – whatever works for you. I didn’t write this issue, I start with the next issue, but Dave Dwonch writes and Justin Greenwood illustrates the entire beginning. Everything is set up in this larger issue and it’s a must read.

Ghost Town began as an idea from Rob Ruddell – a very good, smart, and passionate man. He shared it with his friend Dave Dwonch and they started teasing it out. After some excited chatter, the chassis for a great comic series was solidified. Rob wasn’t going to write the book and Dave is stretched in a million different directions through his role at Action Lab so a writer was sought to steward the book to life. I was honoured to be asked. Finding out my recent collaborator Daniel J Logan – we’d worked on shorts for the Oxymoron HC, a back up in Grim Leaper, and a free Challenger Comics tale – was the ongoing artist and artist extraordinaire Justin Greenwood was on covers only made it more sweet.

The next months were spent with me breaking the story further – oh, boy, do we have a grand plan – and writing the first scripts. I’m very far along in where I’ve written this book and while I’m excited as for where it goes I am really amped for my opening arc to drop.

Ghost Town #1 is where it all starts, and it’s full colour for $3.99 – and while it’s billed as a miniseries, we are simply going for the ‘Hellboy method’ and having roving minis make up the entirety of the book. The premise is simple, and great, terrorists get a time machine and some bombs and they create mayhem. It’s a wicked concept and we take it by the end of the issue and ground it hard. Once this issue sets up everything, I come in with a three issue arc starting with #2. My arc builds our main character, Nate, and the new locale of the Rad – somewhere between The Wire and a flat out urban dystopia. If you know me, you’ll know Nate’s world is going to be tested and it’ll be a wild ride along the way. My pitch for the end of this arc was a bold move but one I think helped me completely land this gig. It’s something else.

If you like hard characters in a harder world constantly tested by each other and unfortunate circumstances, all while the sci fi threat of time travelling bombs makes people even more desperate and nasty then Ghost Town is for you. We are planning great character moments amidst some seriously high action. Daniel J Logan will be the breakout star with his art and Brian V Dyck’s colours are pretty damn superb.

Preorder the book so shops know you want it and that they should push it with other fans of awesome in their store. You can read the first six pages of #1, as well as some other cool Danger Zone previews in this free PDF sampler.

If you’ve got any questions about the book just hit me up. Otherwise, I’ll see you in the Ghost Town this May for the beginning of something brutal.