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Andrew Young over at Geek Hard was kind enough to review THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS over on his site:

Read the review here

devil is in the details cover

I was glad to see him enjoy the many aspects of Daredevil we uncovered and focused on. The best part is he says this is his new favourite Sequart book and that means the world to me (ppst, it’s my favourite, too).

You can buy THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS on Amazon right now.


Baby Lindsay 2.0 Loves Iron Fist

Hey all, I put out the call for sketches for Baby Lindsay 2.0 who’s a bit over 3 weeks old now and wow did some of you cool people come up with the goods. I may have hinted that the little one would dig some Iron Fist and you guys went bananas and I cannot thank you enough for it. Truly brightened up an already supanova month. So, without further ado, here is the good stuff – and THANK YOU everyone who send something in.

Baby Lindsay 2.0 - sami kivela

Sami Kivela is a straight up dude, art demon, and guy who you’ll all love even more when our #beachnoir drops – THE DARKEST WAVES

iron fist - sandy jarrell

Sandy Jarrell is a guy I dig, both him and his art.

IronFist4BabyLindsay - Doug Zawisza

Doug Zawisza is a reviewing amigo and a man who gets fatherhood.

iron fist - joe mulvey

Bad boy of comics, Joe Mulvey, blessed my child with this.

ironfist - jin chan yum wai

Jin Chan Yum Wai is a good dude. ‘Nuff said.

iron fist - marcus rocco

Marcus Rocco offered up this slice of cool.

iron fist - darren close

Darren Close smashed this head shot out of the park.

orson randall - lit bandit

I had to close with Orson Randall from Logan Riley.

Getting these was such a blessing and I know baby Lindsay 2.0 will love them forevermore…right?

Truly, blessed, thank you.

LEE – A Prose Anthology About Lee Marvin

Seriously, what a killer concept. A book of short stories about a fictional life of Lee Marvin. As soon as I heard about this stupendously thought out offering from Crime Factory, I knew I was in. It’s just too rad to be missed. But then to have the opportunity to also have a short story in there, whoa, man, hell yes, please. A murder of fine crime writers contribute stories from Lee’s youth to his storied movie career. This is one hell of a gonzo trip.

I wrote “And The Gunslinger Followed“, a tale of old man Lee Marvin racing against the devil. It was a pulpy mess to write.

LEE – buy the paperback through Crime Factory now for $15 +postage.

Also, enjoy the cover for the rest of your life.

lee cover


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