Baby Lindsay 2.0 Loves Iron Fist

by ryankl

Hey all, I put out the call for sketches for Baby Lindsay 2.0 who’s a bit over 3 weeks old now and wow did some of you cool people come up with the goods. I may have hinted that the little one would dig some Iron Fist and you guys went bananas and I cannot thank you enough for it. Truly brightened up an already supanova month. So, without further ado, here is the good stuff – and THANK YOU everyone who send something in.

Baby Lindsay 2.0 - sami kivela

Sami Kivela is a straight up dude, art demon, and guy who you’ll all love even more when our #beachnoir drops – THE DARKEST WAVES

iron fist - sandy jarrell

Sandy Jarrell is a guy I dig, both him and his art.

IronFist4BabyLindsay - Doug Zawisza

Doug Zawisza is a reviewing amigo and a man who gets fatherhood.

iron fist - joe mulvey

Bad boy of comics, Joe Mulvey, blessed my child with this.

ironfist - jin chan yum wai

Jin Chan Yum Wai is a good dude. ‘Nuff said.

iron fist - marcus rocco

Marcus Rocco offered up this slice of cool.

iron fist - darren close

Darren Close smashed this head shot out of the park.

orson randall - lit bandit

I had to close with Orson Randall from Logan Riley.

Getting these was such a blessing and I know baby Lindsay 2.0 will love them forevermore…right?

Truly, blessed, thank you.