LEE – A Prose Anthology About Lee Marvin

by ryankl

Seriously, what a killer concept. A book of short stories about a fictional life of Lee Marvin. As soon as I heard about this stupendously thought out offering from Crime Factory, I knew I was in. It’s just too rad to be missed. But then to have the opportunity to also have a short story in there, whoa, man, hell yes, please. A murder of fine crime writers contribute stories from Lee’s youth to his storied movie career. This is one hell of a gonzo trip.

I wrote “And The Gunslinger Followed“, a tale of old man Lee Marvin racing against the devil. It was a pulpy mess to write.

LEE – buy the paperback through Crime Factory now for $15 +postage.

Also, enjoy the cover for the rest of your life.

lee cover