The Great #fearagentreadalong – Part Two

by ryankl

After gloriously enjoying the cover, design, and introductory issue, it was time to read the rest of the first trade.

Well, what’re we waitin’ for?

I could use this HC to kill a man. Easily. Time for more #fearagentreadalong

The cover to #2 really doesn’t mess around. Tentacle POV-Huston with his kit on-ribcage stripped clean of grue in bg. #fearagentreadalong

Huston walking away with the monocle is better subtle storytelling than a fight scene could have replaced. Well played.#fearagentreadalong

Huston just wanting some peanut butter with a spoon is a magnificent way to humanise a guy amidst all the sci fi. #fearagentreadalong

Digging the low fi/sci fi approach. Huston is on a sentient ship but goes to a fridge, pulls out bourbon and leftovers. #fearagentreadalong

VHS. Boss. #fearagentreadalong

I could see VHS being easier to low fi decode in the future than our damn thumb drives.#fearagentreadalong

“The problem with Frazterga wasn’t that I was drunk–/–I just wasn’t DRUNK ENOUGH.” — Heath Huston, Fear Agent.#fearagentreadalong

A whole page of Huston grabbing bourbon bottles. THIS is exactly what I read it for.#fearagentreadalong

I love that they’re happy to allow Huston to run away in pretty much open fear. It shows he’s smart.#fearagentreadalong

The face on Huston as the tentacles grab him, on P. 52, is a great Tony Moore face. That large eye really pops. #fearagentreadalong

Man, I dig the concentric blue blasts from Huston’s gun. That’s rad. ZAP-ZAP-ZAP #fearagentreadalong

‘Rick Remender is a gender bender.’#highart #fearagentreadalong

Really dig Mara’s design. Beautiful, functional, beautiful.#fearagentreadalong

Mara with the space uppercut on Huston. JAB #fearagentreadalong

Ending with an effective double page spread. And only one word. “…Earth.” Economy.#fearagentreadalong

So the first issue stood alone for introduction and now we get a larger tale. Take notice, this is how to do it. #fearagentreadalong

Love the almost Russian tundra colour scheme going on with the cover to #3. #fearagentreadalong

Though I’m pretty sure his gun fires blue circles, not orange. #nGLAYven #fearagentreadalong

Wow, Huston is really a dick to Mara. Is this the Bruce Campbell/Ash school of picking up? #fearagentreadalong

You know Huston’s a bachelor in space with that tube sock hanging around. Hate to see it face slap in zero G. #fearagentreadalong

I need to tell people to “Quit yer jawin’!” waaaay more often. #fearagentreadalong

That’s one hell of a sweet mental offer Huston makes for Annie. How can human-AI interactions mist me up? #fearagentreadalong

Great and varied robot designs. These suckers feel lived in. #fearagentreadalong

Huston just entered a Level Boss scenario: Robot Lair. #fearagentreadalong

Hmm, @Remender uses the captions to tell us stuff we can’t see so the narrative can rocket along. An intriguing device. #fearagentreadalong

I think you can hear the moment Huston falls in love with Mara. SHTUNK! #arrowstraightthroughtheheart #fearagentreadalong

The action in #3 really rachets up and builds to a very effective cliffhanger end. Craft and fun all in one. #fearagentreadalong

Dig that orange humming cover to #4. Yep, time for more #fearagentreadalong

Opening with Sam Clemens. Classy touch. Really brings more to this title. #fearagentreadalong

Man, imagine if somehow through space/time John Wayne could play Heath Huston. Or young Clint Eastwood. Imagine. #fearagentreadalong

Trying to think who could bring the best level of graininess to the character of Heath Huston today. #fearagentreadalong

“Tastes like sweet potato Guinness.” — how is this not a blurb on the back cover? #fearagentreadalong

“However, Troleen suspected Jentu’s involvement in the death of Tetald.” — this history lesson is crazy deep. #fearagentreadalong

“I’m gonna save my boy.” — and just like that, hope was injected into the narrative and it made me feel worse. #fearagentreadalong

A plant gun. For reals. #fearagentreadalong

The colour change during the attack as they sneak up upon the Tetaldians. Superb. #fearagentreadalong

That’s one hell of a bold way to close the opening arc. #fearagentreadalong

This entire opener has just been one big damned tease, and it’s 100% effective. Kind of amazing. #fearagentreadalong

The final page being black with one caption – has @Remender used that much? I’ve seen it a little lately from him. Hmmm? #fearagentreadalong