OXYMORON HC in April Previews

by ryankl

The Oxymoron HC is a collection of stories featuring the Oxymoron character created for the ComixTribe book THE RED TEN. A plethora of creators banded together and made a bunch of short stories to honour and showcase the character and I was lucky enough to be one of them.

The Oxymoron HC is in April’s Previews and you can see the solicit info below.

To whet your whistle, I want you to know the following about the book:

I wrote a story and my regular partner in crime Daniel J Logan made it better with his art.

Paul Allor wrote what might be my favourite story in the book.

Jason Ciaramella, everyone’s favourite Eisner nominee, wrote a wicked story in there.

We ran a Kickstarter campaign and raised 300% of what we wanted.

Your preorders are appreciated and if you still need more convincing then you can download one of the stories for free right herehttp://bit.ly/OxyLivingDead.