Ghost Town #2 in Previews

by ryankl

My ongoing time travel/terrorist/survival action spectacular GHOST TOWN from Action Lab’s Danger Zone imprint is in Previews right now for issue #2. Feel free to oogle and preorder through your LCS of choice.


This is billed as #2 but it’s my first issue on the book and it starts a very reader friendly jumping on point (though Dave Dwonch and Justin Greenwood did an amazing job in the #1 issue, out next month, of establishing the great complication of this grander narrative – I just pick it up a ways down the track).

Daniel J Logan is my co-pilot and his work is fantastic stuff, equally matched by the colours of Brian V Dyck. We are also graced with this kick ass cover by Justin Greenwood and Jordie Bellaire. It’s one hell of a way for my ongoing debut to hit the stands.

You can, and should, and maybe even will preorder the book through your local store because indie books like this thrive only on confirmed numbers. If you are digitally inclined, here’s a link to the ComiXology pulllist where you can give the book your stamp of approval.