Melbourne @ozcomiccon and Ryan K Lindsay

by ryankl

This coming weekend, Friday the 5th to Sunday the 7th of July, I’ll be an official guest at the Melbourne Oz Comic Con. I’ll be in the guest alley at Table 150 for most of that time and I hope you’ll stop by to chat all good things comics and thumb through my stuff. Here’s the usual breakdown of stuff I’ll be selling over the weekend.

FATHERHOOD – a comic one-shot $4


This one-shot comic from Challenger Comics features art from Daniel Schneider, colours by Paulina Ganucheau, letters by Brandon DeStefano, and design from Christopher Kosek. It’s a 22 page standalone story of a father going a little crazy trying to please his daughter. There’s also a back up essay by me on fatherhood, and the cover is pure liquid gold.

Because I’m Australian, and thus postage to the world is hard to afford, I also have the digital version of the book available on the Challenger Comics site. It’s 99c so feel free to get into it.

I’ll also have rad print posters of the cover for $5 each and cool stickers for $1 each.



Rainbow Dash is getting schooled by some very nasty cloud gremlins. How is she going to save Equestria from the saddest event in their lives? Also, how will this book reference MILLER’S DKR, FIGHT CLUB, THE SIMPSONS, and BLADE RUNNER, amongst others?

This one-shot tale set in the MY LITTLE PONY world and focusing on Rainbow Dash features super fantastic art and colours from Tony Fleecs. It’s one of the most fun things I’ve ever written and it’s completely all ages.

I will also have a variety of the US-only variant covers that weren’t available in Australia, so if you want in on that action I don’t feel like gouging so the flat price for any issue is $5.

I’m also running dangerously low on stock so I can almost guarantee a Saturday sell out…but fear not…

MLP Prints – Rainbow Dash and Tank by the amazing Paul Abstruse $15

Rainbow Dash Inks copy

Tank Inks copy

My good friend Paul Abstruse (an Aussie art rockstar) and I didn’t want pony fans of Melbourne to be stuck with nothing so he drew up these two rad prints, which Eddy Swam coloured. I dig that Rainbow Dash one but I have to be honest and say it’s the Tank one that really warms my heart. They’re $15 each, or $25 for 2, and I’ll be signing the goodness out of them with little caption quotes for our main characters on there. Fun for all the family.

OXYMORON – a HC comic anthology $25

Oxymoron_Cover copy copy

This book is a collection of comic shorts all about the Oxymoron character from ComixTribe. There is a rogues gallery of creators associated (Paul Allor, Jason Ciaramella, Joe Mulvey, Mark Poulton, Daniel J Logan, John Lees, and a hell of a lot more). I wrote a short story in there, with art from Daniel J Logan, and it’s pretty brutal. Perhaps not for the kidlets but definitely something to sink your teeth into. And all the other stories are dynamite as well. To top it off, it’s an oversozed HC because our Kickstarter went gangbusters.

Treat yourself to this now as I’ll be the Australian exclusive seller of this fine volume. I’m only stocking about 15 of these beauties and they are a variety of the variant covers so get in early if you want the artist jam cover.

I have a feeling I’ll be selling my last copies of these this weekend.

If you aren’t at OCC you can try your luck on Amazon.


devil is in the details cover

This analytical tome of essays – of which I edited, contributed some, and contracted others into – explores the themes and narratives of Marvel’s Daredevil character. I write about Matt Murdock’s storied love life and how the Brubaker/Lark/Gaudiano run is inspired by cinematic noir from the 70s. Other luminary scholars, including Tim Callahan, Julian Darius, Matt Duarte, write about topics from Mike Murdock, to Daredevil’s relationships with Spider-Man and the Punisher, as well as the science fact involved in the creation of this blind vigilante. As a gigantic Daredevil fan, I can assure you this is the book you need to read.

Because I don’t want to mess around with change, and I’m such a good bloke, I’m selling the book at OCC for $1 off retail at a clean $15 (though that’s American retail and the book will probably cost you more at your LCS when it drops in August). You are welcome.



This Sequart Single volume takes my major essay from the above book and produces it as a standalone purchase. It’s slim, it’s sexy, and it’s only $5; and it’s all from me. I analyse and discuss Matt Murdock’s forays into the romantic battlefields with Karen Page, Elektra, the Black Widow, Typhoid Mary, and Milla Donovan. There is also a special Coda inclusion – but you’ll have to buy it to find out who that is.

Again, if you buy the main book it has this essay so you don’t need it. This is more a sampler or something for the Ryan K Lindsay Completist :)

If you won’t be at OCC, you can buy it in print and in digital format on Amazon.

LEE – a prose anthology $15

lee cover

The superb people at CRIME FACTORY have put together an anthology of short stories all about and starring Lee Marvin – I know, right? It’s the coolest idea ever. And I was honoured to be asked to contribute so you can get a tale of old man Lee Marvin in his aged years racing death. It’s a pulpy tale and completely surrounded by even better stuff.

Also, the cover is amazing.


I’ve also been slapped onto 2 fantastic panels over the weekend which anyone can attend.

Aussie Comics: general panel – Saturday Noon on Stage 3

I’ll be sharing the stage with Paul Abstruse, Queenie Chan, Doug Holgate, Ben Hutchings, Tristan Jones, Ryan K. Lindsay, Paul Mason, Dillon Naylor & Dean Rankine and just talking comics smack, I assume.

Aussies in Comics: general panel – Sunday Noon on Stage 2

I’ll be sharing the stage with Paul Abstruse, Queenie Chan, Doug Holgate, Ben Hutchings, Tristan Jones, Ryan K. Lindsay, Paul Mason, Stewart McKenny, Dillon Naylor, Dean Rankine, Nicola Scott, Jon Sommariva & David Yardin so maybe I’ll get the mic once. If I’m lucky, ha.

Scope the full panel timetable here:

I’m pumped to back up the con winter slam so I hope to see you there.