Captain Human the Robot – $1 @ozcomiccon Exclusive

by ryankl




Written by Ryan K Lindsay — Art by Jin Chan Yum Wai

Look at these two awesome covers by Jin Chan Yum Wai (one above, one below – both totally wraparounds).

This is our next sensational breakout hit, CAPTAIN HUMAN the ROBOT, and it’s only available at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne this weekend for $1 – a steal for the most fun 8 page comic you’ll ever read.

In fact, you’ll probably read it twice because we made two versions. Blue is the all ages version (loads of fun), and red is the adults only/after hours edit (loads of other types of fun).

This whole thing started at a zine fair where Jin asked me to quickly make an 8 page comic with him in a blank booklet Ben Craddock had made. We came up with a robot wearing a space helmet, and he’s lost in the desert, and then he’s rescued by a sand whale. Then I had to bail. Jin held onto the project and finished drawing it all up at home. He then sent me the blank pages and asked me for the story. We weren’t sure whether to go kid friendly and corner that market (especially with the Pony fans flying by) or bust all out for the random Regular Show style people. So, I mused, why not do both?

I whipped up two different scripts that use the art but for variously different stories. And both worked, so Jin mocked up variant covers and now we have two grand books to sell – one for the kids, one for the parents (definitely MA15+ type stuff, okay kids?).

I’ll be selling them at my Table 150 and Jin will also be selling them at his table shared with the Space Pyrates crew at Table 137.