Sheltered #1 – Back Up Essay by Ryan K Lindsay

by ryankl

Sheltered is a comic written by Ed Brisson, illustrated by Johnnie Christmas, coloured by Shari Chankhamma, edited by Paul Allor, and it also features a back up essay series by me, Ryan K Lindsay. The first issue is available this week, July 10.


Sheltered is about a group of preppers – people who prepare for the end of the world – and what happens when their hierarchical structure breaks down. I write back up essays as the PrepCast Newsletter – based around an in-story podcast characters listen to. I’m writing one essay per issue and they are all about some of the different ways the world could end and how preppers could best get their business together to survive these horrible scenarios.

It is an honour to be working behind this amazing team, and at Image Comics, and I cannot thank Ed Brisson enough for bringing me into the fold.

I hope you’ll check the book out, it’s pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.