FATHERHOOD on @ComiXology for 99c

by ryankl

FATHERHOOD – my one-shot through Challenger Comics that features art from Daniel Schneider, colours from Paulina Ganucheau, letters from Brandon DeStefano, and design from Christopher Kosek – has landed on ComiXology.

You can buy FATHERHOOD on the ComiXology site for 99c

You can buy it through the digital comics page of Impact Comics, my LCS, and help them out


You can also buy it on the app, if that’s how you roll. Apple takes a wet bite out of it that way and if you buy it on the site then it appears in your Purchased section immediately on your iDevice and the creators get more money – the more you know.

This one-shot was extremely personal to me because it deals with some fatherhood issues that had been bouncing around inside my head for a little while. It’s nice to write something personal for a change.

You can see a 7 page preview on the Challenger Comics website and then buy the DRM-free PDF for 99c, too.

I hope you take a chance, I hope more you dig it, and I hope you have a lovely day.