Ghost Town #4 In November Solicits

by ryankl

Ghost Town #4 brings to a close the 3 issue arc from Daniel J Logan and myself running from issues #2-4. This issue is in Previews now and will land on shelves in November, straight out of Action Lab’s Danger Zone line up. Here’s the gorgeous cover from Justin Greenwood + Jordie Bellaire – click to scope up close. I really dig the simplicity and yet narratively tied image Justin has dropped here. I think Ghost Town has had one of the best runs of covers of all the books on the stands.


Issue #2 is already in stores and #3 is just weeks away. Response to #2 was great so I hope you’ll stick with us to see how we wrap this little tale of Nate Lawson taking more from the Rad than he ever should have attempted. The end of this arc is brutal and was one of the first things I pitched when I got this gig.

I hope you enjoy, and please do preorder through your LCS as demand regulates the print run. Preordering guarantees you a copy of the book, it helps indie books live a longer life, and it helps assure the creators they might just get a few shekels for their hard work. Just ask the friendly staff at your local comic shop to set you aside a copy of Ghost Town and they’ll take care of the rest.

Thank you.