Captain Human the Robot – After Hours Edit – FREE TO READ

by ryankl











CAPTAIN HUMAN THE ROBOT – AFTER HOURS EDIT is an 8 page adult humoured story with art by Jin Chan Yum Wai, colours by Eliaz Constantino, and words on top by Ryan K Lindsay. You can download the PDF version for free at Gumroad.

The premise began as a jam comic at a zine fair that Jin took away and finished the art on. He sent through the pages and I dropped a script over the top to make me giggle.  Hopefully we’ll do some more of this, it was too much fun to ignore.

If you dig this story, you can download the PDF of it for free here: DOWNLOAD CAP HUMAN AFTER HOURS – and if you want to throw us a few shekels then you always can, but please do not feel obliged to. Take and enjoy, and share.

There is also an ALL AGES EDIT of this book where I wrote a completely different script that you can give to the kidlets. They’ll be sure to find it amusing and other nice things.

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Thank you.