GHOST TOWN #3 In Stores This Week

by ryankl

GHOST TOWN #3 lands in stores this Wednesday, the 2nd of October, for your peeping pleasure. It is the second issue in the 3 part ‘Godfathers & Daughters‘ arc illustrated by Daniel J Logan, coloured by Brian V Dyck, lettered by Dave Dwonch, and written by me. It features this gorgeous cover by Justin Greenwood and Jordie Bellaire.


I am incredibly proud of this issue, it takes all the moving pieces we laid out last issue and speeds them up intensely. Plus, it’s got probably my favourite page from the series in it – you can decide which one it is…or ask me on twitter.

As always, your decision to invest in our make believe stories means the world to us and, in the independent comics game, this isn’t hyperbole. Small books live and die on the vine due to your money and commitment and I thank every single one of you that takes the time.

If you aren’t a print dinosaur and prefer the smooth sheen of the device screen, you can score the issue on ComiXology already so make with the clicks to buy some Ghost Town #3 online for only 99c.

If you dig the issue, tweet, email, facebook, watercooler chat, and reddit to your heart’s content. A spread word is a helpful and appreciated word.

And with this issue dropping, we now have just one issue left in this introductory arc and once you see what we do to Nate, and his new friends, this issue you won’t be able to miss out on our conclusion in November.

Enjoy, and thank you.