Jetpack Communism T-Shirt for HBVB Anthology

by ryankl

The Jetpack Communism t-shirt drawn and designed by Louie Joyce based on a character created by us in our short ‘The Many Harold Holts of Space and Time’ – who is a future Russian jetpack adventurer version of former Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt – is being crowd funded on to aid in printing the first issue of the Home Brew Vampire Bullets anthology on olde timey paper, as well as to just give you something rad to wear and enjoy. It’s only $25 and is on good quality shirt stock.


I don’t feel like a creator who can/could/would/should develop much merch but this tee is just too fine, and it’s for a grand cause. For the shirt to become a reality, we need just 30 sales – and we’re already a third there with over half the campaign left to go.

If you dig quality tees, this is one hell of a cracking shirt and it’ll help us push some paper copies of this anthology beast into hands at conventions in coming months.

I’d appreciate it if you could step up for the cause and treat yourself to Louie’s insane shirt creation fu.

Thank you.