HBVB ZERO Review – Harold Holt Stands Out

by ryankl

The Home Brew Vampire Bullets ZERO issue has been available online for a while now. I wrote a story which Louie Joyce illustrated and Nic J. Shaw lettered titled ‘The Many Harold Holts of Space and Time.’

Over on Stefan Delatovic’s site, he reviews the ZERO issue and gives our story a massive shout out. That was nice of him to do. I’ve cribbed the best stuff below.

“…the stand out work here is The Many Harold Holts of Space and Time, written by Ryan K Lindsay and drawn by Louis Joyce.

It’s perhaps unfair to give it the nod given that its unfair advantage of being one of the only standalone strips on show, but Christ, it’s beautiful. The art is staggering and the writing makes me want to stand and applaud while punching myself in the head that I didn’t create this despite how firmly it lodges in my brain as being right, just and excellent. It’s about how Harold Holt’s disappearance broke space/time and shattered him into, well, you should really read it.”
Thanks so much, mate.
I hope the rest of you enjoy it just as much.