Oxymoron #3 on ComiXology

The Oxymoron Anthology is an oversized hardcover collection of many tales from many rad creators about the Oxymoron character from ComixTribe. I was lucky enough to be included and so I wrote a tale called ‘Alone in a Crowd’ which Daniel J Logan illustrated. If you bought the HC, you no doubt know and love the tale. If you currently don’t have the HC, well…

OXYMORON #3 is a 99c issue on ComiXology which features two stories from the Oxymoron HC – you can buy/download it here and also then read it on your iDevice of pleasure and leisure.

oxy banner twc

The two stories contained are:


Art by Daniel J Logan

Written by Ryan K Lindsay



Art by Aaron Houston

Written by Paul Allor

And not only should you buy this issue because my story is in it but it’s coupled with the Houston/Allor tale which I love. In fact, it’s my favourite from the book (yep, even better than mine). Also, Paul is a good friend so it’s rad to be in the same single issue as him.

I hope you’ll give it a try – two wicked and brutal tales for 99c seems like a steal to me. If you ever wanted to know the lowest lows that Allor and I can sink to, here it is.


Note: buying ComiXology books on the website instead of straight through your device removes the 1/3rd cut Apple takes. This leaves more profit for the creative teams and you can go instantly to your iDevice after purchase, find the purchased book under the Purchases tab, and download it for ease of reading later.