Examining Lois Lane – A Book of Essays

by ryankl

Examining Lois Lane: the scoop on Superman’s Sweetheart is a book of essays all about the intrepid reporter and all round fantastic character Lois Lane. It is edited by Nadine Farghaly, published by Scarecrow Press, features a slew of smart people talking about Lois Lane, and it also opens with an essay from me.


You can buy a copy now on Amazon in print or Kindle-fied.

My essay is titled: “Full Disclosure: A Statement of Love for Lois Lane” and it analyses one fantastic issue of ALL STAR SUPERMAN by Frank Quitely and Grant Morrison. It’s a fun essay, one I enjoyed writing because it cuts to the core of the relationship between Superman and Lois Lane.

Other essays tackle heady topics like Lois Lane’s place on television, in Silver Age comics, and on the big screen. It’s well worth a look for any solid Lois Lane fan. And you can actually read all of my essay, bar one page, in the ‘Look Inside’ preview up on Amazon.