Merry Marvel Xmas Mystery 2013

by ryankl

The following is a fun one-page comic exercise that I give as a present from me to you for a bloody brilliant 2013. It’s the first page of a Marvel Xmas mystery I would love to write. But, alas, there is no more of this story. Just enjoy the ambiance and imagine what could be…


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Art by Robert Carey

Written by Ryan K Lindsay

Letters and Design by Nic J. Shaw


This page came about a few years back when I was tasked with writing a one-page comic about Santa Claus over at thoughtballoons (you can see it needed some beating up). The script always stuck with me because it was far too much fun to write, and because I always thought what came next was going to be really damn fun to write. Perhaps one day.

For now, enjoy, and merry xmas.

I’ll state it again, all of these characters are owned and copyright to Marvel Entertainment. I am not making any money off this publication nor trying to imply I have ownership or their right to make the page. This is just fun, I hope you agree.