STRANGE NATION #3 Out – with RKL Back Matter

by ryankl

STRANGE NATION #3 is available on ComiXology right now. For 99c get this great issue from Juan Romera + Paul Allor in a series that’s one of my current favourites. And if you haven’t caught up, all issues are 99c so you can get into it cheaply and easily.

You can also enjoy another column of HIGH LITERATURE & LOW MONSTERS by me where I discuss some key American icons from the past and their pulp portrayal in pop culture. This essay was a real blast to research and write so go check it out, too.

HL+LM Masthead


As always, if you are buying digital know that buying directly from the site, and not via an app, bypasses the 1/3 bite Apple takes from all sales and puts more money into the creators hands. You can find STRANGE NATION on the ComiXology site right here.