THREE CAR MONTE – Download A SCAMthology Short Now

by ryankl

The upcoming SCAMthology is a collection of stories set in the SCAM universe as created by Joe Mulvey at ComixTribe. I have written a tale for the book called THREE CAR MONTE, it features art by Adam Masterman, and colours by Vasco Sobral. It’s a sharp and fast tale about three of Yakuza boss Chiyoko Hashimoto’s briefcases are stolen by the crew and she’ll do anything to get them back, including running three high speed, high flying chases through the streets of Las Vegas. But are the contents of the cases what the con men are really after?


The SCAM page on facebook just received over 250 likes and so my tale was released early and free as a single download. This tale is a tease of what the book, featuring many tales from far more awesome creative teams than me, will contain. You’ll hear more, and find out how to secure a copy, in the coming months.

You can download THREE CAR MONTE here.

You can go to the SCAM page and tell Mulvey and co how much you enjoyed my tale.

Please, feel free to share this link, spread the PDF, tweet/facebook/tumbl to your hearts desire. Smaller press books like these survive on word of mouth.

Thank you, and enjoy.