I Hate Ryan Ferrier – D4VE #2 Musings

by ryankl

Nearly a year ago I met Ryan Ferrier in person. We were all tabling together at ECCC in Seattle 2013 (him, me, Paul Allor, and Jeremy Holt) and I was right next to him. I spent three days standing there talking smack, selling comics, laughing, musing, planning, and generally having a very rad weekend.

And I see now what Ferrier was doing – he was slowly killing me from the inside with his charm.

But he’s so charming that I ignored it.

And now, with the release today of D4VE #2 by Ferrier and Valentin Ramon, I finally see through his charming and handsome guise and I realise the true heart of my feelings: I HATE RYAN FERRIER.

He leaves me no choices, really. I mean, have you read D4VE #2? If not, damn, click here and purchase your very own copy on ComiXology. Get the first one, too, if you were silly enough to miss it.

Now that you’ve read it, you see, don’t you? You see why I must hate Ryan Ferrier.

How the hell else am I supposed to feel about a guy with this much talent? In the Highlander world of breaking into comics, his quickening could level worlds, liquefy faces, and explode hearts. I’ve read all books Ferrier, and I’ve dug them all. But D4VE #2, man, this comic was the last straw. Do you need me to list why?

  • Who the hell writes a #2 issue that’s actually better than the #1 issue? Especially when the #1 issue was damn good.
  • Who the hell can write comics so funny you literally laugh out loud? Ferrier’s brand of wit and smut and charm are like nothing else on the stands or the tablets. This quality of humour is the real deal and in this issue there are numerous, I’m talking more than one hand, times where I laughed with insane glee.
  • Who the hell would think to write a last page as rad as that? Seriously, that sort of page is a contender for best moment of the year, surely.
  • Who the hell could humanise a bloody robot so well? Or write a hilarious comic that also has heart and major action scenes? WHO?

In total, I’m done with this Ferrier writer who does nothing but make me feel bad about myself. I am done with him.

Until D4VE #3 comes out because holy cats I cannot wait to stuff this issue into my peepers – SQUUUEEEEEEEE!


NOTE: I don’t actually hate Ryan Ferrier. In case you couldn’t read my tone in this post. I count him as a mate, a confidant, an eLover, and a guy who when I think about his writing and career he makes me realise good things happen to great people, nice guys finish first, and that you can have talent without pretension or ego.

He’s the man/writer I wish I could be and I love having a benchmark to make me reach higher.

Thank you Mr Ferrier, for D4VE #2, and for everything.