My Comic Plans for 2014

by ryankl

This is not a post of comic resolutions. This is a plan moving forward.

I wanted to write down some plans for 2014 to keep me focused, to show me I’m on the right track, and just as an open process thing to see what someone on my level (Dante puts me down on the 8th circle) is doing. Here’s what I want to achieve in 2014.

What I Hope 2014 Can Do

My Best Work Yet – I’m dropping a series in the first half of this year that is the best long form thing I’ve done yet. I want to spend the time to do this right and show growth. I have something to say and my art team are beyond compare so I’m looking forward to this happening. I also have another series and two one-shots in the works and the aim is for these to bring the thunder in new ways. There is no room to rest on your laurels, you need to be charting up constantly.

More Shorts – I’d like to add a few more shorts to my list this year. I have a few sniffs in places so we’ll see what happens. I also want to collaborate with some cool people for kooky DIY 5-10 pagers we can just throw up online. Fingers crossed.

One More Greenlight – In a dream state, I’d like to get one more mini greenlit before the year is out. The ball always needs to be rolling and it can only be greased with the carcasses of previous comics work completed. This one will be the real test of the year but I have the faith.

Yep, that’s it. Other than that, I’m not going to ‘aim’ insanely high. No Daredevil gig just yet, or Image mini, or anything like that. I want to be realistic and set a plan I can reel in and stuff an air tank in its mouth before pulling the trigger.

This is my battle plan for 2014. I want to do what’s set already as well as I can, I’ve got lead time so I’m working my ass off to make every script really pop. I also want to aim for the next stuff with precision rather than with a scatter shot approach. Hopefully I’m doing it right.

What are your comic goals for 2014?