Who Cares?

by ryankl

This week is the week 2014 starts for me.

So far, I’ve been intermittently poking the bear in the back and the eye and the taint but this week is when I finally wind back my switch and really give it what for. And I’m interested to see if it wakes with a roar, or snorts and snuffles back to sleep, or just swats me away leaving me stranded in the woods, with two broken legs, covered in honey, and watching the sun set while the nocturnal carnivorous insects and butt monkeys rise.

In short, what I’m saying is, will anyone care?

And this isn’t a post to rally sympathetic support. Only losers and losers do such a thing. No, this is just me purging the system and destroying the doubt and the fears. Because my biggest worry is that I’ll have a comic drop and not a damn person will care. And it happens every week. Even to some Big Two books. But definitely to some DIY one-shots that barely have an audience and can slip by in the shadow of an eyelash and not make a sound as they flutter dutifully into the grave.

I must admit I’ve been lucky. Very lucky. I’ve gotten reviews, and some of them didn’t hate me or my work or my face. I’ve had books noticed, to some degree, and that’s more than I should ever be able to ask or deserve. I am no one so when anyone cares about my stuff it splinters open my ribcage and caresses my heart ever so fondly.

But this week is big stuff. This week really means something.

This week, I’m reaching up a rung and so I’m fascinated to see what happens. As a sociological experiment, charting RTs, +1s, and Likes on a corkboard with twine and thumbtacs is always going to be fun. As my future and livelihood, this is terrifying and you’ll find me huffing cheap coffee in a burlap sack round the back of my house where my kids won’t see me and shame me.

This week, it all gets real. To be honest, regardless, I’m super happy and proud. But don’t let that stop you helping a brother out with spreading the gospel of a new good book 😀