HEADSPACE Pre-Press Pin Ups and Quotes Part 1

by ryankl

I am considerably floored by the fantastic things people made and said in honour of the launch of our upcoming book at Monkeybrain, HEADSPACE.

We drop this Wednesday on ComiXology and so to boost moral in Carpenter Cove we commissioned this pin up by Brian – The Brothers James, Lazarus’ inks – Level. It’s intensely gorgeous.


Then we had some friends say some nice things about the book and they went out of their way to be super nice. The cover/quote fu comes from Chris Kosek. And I must say, these quotes are all really sweet and I dig every one of them, and I also dig the media they mention as touchstone points because they’re all really good.

headspace_A5_ad_final_4 headspace_A5_ad_final_3 headspace_A5_ad_final_2

headspace_A5_ad_final_1 headspace_A5_ad_final_5 headspace_A5_ad_final_06

And finally, we also got Marissa – our colourist supreme – Louise to do a pin up and the painterly sobriety she came up with floored me.


So, we launch in a few days. Keep your eyes peeled for more pics and words on the HEADSPACE tumblr and then feast upon our delicious hard work on Wednesday as soon as your iPeepers will allow.