HEADSPACE #1 Review Round Up

by ryankl

HEADSPACE #1 landed on ComiXology and the support and reviews have set my week aflame. It’s been nice to see people really getting and digging what we are doing. Now that I know they’re in on the gronud floor I feel good they’ll love where we take the story.

I wanted to shine some love on the reviews because they took the time on us, it’s the least I could do. If you’re a review reader, enjoy, and if you are still on the fence for the book, let these fine literati peeps bring you into the fold.

“Headspace is one of those mind fuck comics. But believe me it is a damn good fuck. One you will have to call up every Wednesday in order to get your fixed. As first issues go, sometimes you just have to hit and quit, but I thinkHeadspace will be a definite relationship series.”

Samantha Roehrig at Comics Bastards gives us 5/5

“While popping back and forth between the two settings, we find Carpenter Cove to be a fantastical place ably illustrated by Zawadzki’s fine lines while Max is inhabiting a far grittier world well suited to Peterson’s heavier blacks.”

Bob Bretall at Comic Spectrum gives us 4/5

“A science fiction infused comic version of an unwritten, undreamt Rogers Waters concept album fueled by insomnia and Red Bull about a shred of “The Truman Show” that’s been soaking in a tepid Twilight Zone bath, this story truly is wide open.”

Doug Zawazsa at CBR gives 3.5 stars

“This art team’s collaborative efforts alone are more than worth the nominal 99¢ cover price, but when combined with Lindsay’s carefully trimmed script, the complete package is a deal that’s too good to resist.”

Doc Brown at Geeks of Doom gives us some very nice words

“The final panel plays the Abrams-Lindelof game of teasing us with a new mystery having just solved an older one. It’s a pretty good twist, too, one which has me interested in what happens next.”

Ed Saul gives his thoughts over at Bleeding Cool

“In that way, Headspace is a challenging book. Readers will need to give this world room to breathe and reveal itself on its terms in order to really appreciate what Lindsay is doing. However, those willing to take the challenge will be rewarded. Upon further examination of the pieces at work here, Headspace #1 is magnificent.”

Dan Pennacchia at All Comic gives us a 4/5 score

“Throughout it all, [Ryan K Lindsay’s] passion for the story is clear, and it’s quite infectious.”

John Lees lays down some nice thoughts for us over at his site

“The two unique worlds represented in Headspace #1 are handled by two different artists entirely (Christopher Peterson and Eric Zawadzki), in a brilliant move.”

Ashley Victoria Robinson at Major Spoilers gives us a 4/5 score

“The concept is brilliant and executed with such skill that’ll you’ll barely find time to take a breath. The pacing is perfect and the world building is insane. It’s as good as first issues get, and it sows the seeds of an infinitely more interesting world to come. I can’t wait to see issue 2.”

Zac Thompson at Bloody Disgusting gives us a 5/5 score

“In case you can’t tell, Headspace is more than a little trippy. A psychedelic and cerebral tale in the vein of Dark City or the more out-there episodes of The Twilight Zone, it does as good a job as those stories at laying the foundations of an interesting story with an engaging, high-concept premise.”

Evan Henry gives us many kind words over at Broken Frontier

“Yes there is still intrigue by the shed load but Headspace balances it against the narrative rather than being led by it.”

–Jon MOMB gives his thoughts over at MOMBcomics

You can also scope all the Advance Reviews at this round up.

If you still want to review the comic, just hit me up. If you still want to read it: HEADSPACE on ComiXology NOW!

Thank you all for getting it, digging it, and caring at all. Every review helps a small book like ours immensely.