Adelaide Oz Comic Con Round Up

by ryankl

My first ever weekend in Adelaide was a bloody ripper.

Huge thanks to OCC for wanting me at the show, and a mammoth thanks to all who came out to the show. The con floor was constant and awesome and totally relaxed. There was a great atmosphere the whole time.

The people who decide to spend their money on my four colour ideas always humble and delight me. Sales were consistent and strong and the people who buy on Saturday and give me feedback on Sunday of what they read are the best people ever. They are life’s good guys.

It was great to table next to Ben Rosenthal, he’s a good man and close friend. He also has the hook up on an insane burger place called Burger Theory where I scored a fistful of angus patty topped with salami chips, pickles, beautiful cheese, and dijonnaise. With fries and truck sauce on one side and a delicious cider on the other, it was one of the best con meals I’ve taken down in a while.

I find Australian comic people are always the greatest people and I thank them for their support and time at all times. It’s nice to have Tristan Jones pointing at me at odd intervals on camera – though I got him back with a patented Lindsay Oil Drill Press, never forget.

The panels I did both days were spectacular fun. Talking indie comics with Paul Mason and Dean Rankine was a blast, even when we didn’t really answer any questions and ended up in the weirdest tangents possible. Then talking Aus comics with Douglas Holgate, Tristan, Jon Sommariva, and David Yardin is always humbling and exciting. The crowd was huge, the questions well thought out, and the entire chat inspiring.

I love panelling, especially on a Sunday, because I find people then track me down at my table and want to talk process. I chewed many an ear for half hour stretches on the Sunday and I love that stuff. I could talk comics/writing/process/craft/breaking in for hours. And sometimes do. To those who are willing to listen, truly, I salute you. You are one of my most favourite things about con weekends.

I do need to thank the lads from Gifts for the Geek for putting on a great AFTERMATH party and keeping everyone entertained and revitalised after the final hours of the con. They’re a good store who know how to do good things.

And finally, thanks to my amazing wife for holding down the fort with both our kids while I earned a slim profit chasing my dream. The ability to FaceTime with the family while out of town is quite simply the best.

So if you had a chat with me this weekend, thank you. If you bought any of my stuff, thank you. If you came to my table at all, thank you. It was a rad weekend and that’s because of you.

Adelaide, I will definitely see you next time.