I Hate Ed Brisson – Sheltered #8

by ryankl

Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.09.07

This establishing shot opens SHELTERED #8. It’s so easy to script, too. You just have to know you need to script it. I think I suck at establishing shots. I forget them, or want to drop the location later as a moment, and I worry I lose the sense of place. I also don’t like to lose half a page without pushing the story forward.

But look at this shot, and tell me it doesn’t set the mood. Man, it helps Ed that he’s got Johnny Christmas and Shari Chankhamma dropping art/colour science here but big ups have to go to the man scripting it as well. That’s a 101 move but so often neglected. People, set your scene, set your tone, sink your readers into the tale like an old man getting into a warm bath. Allow a moment, it’ll last forever.