Comic Writing 101 at #comicgong

by ryankl

This past weekend, I attended the ComicGong show at Wollongong. I tabled, had a bunch of fun, sold plenty of books, had some great chats about comics and life, and also ran a Comic Writing 101 workshop in the morning as we opened that was both well attended and well received.

My workshop looked at how to break story, how comic scripts are structured, how to keep at it, how to find collaborators, how to break in and have your work seen, and how to get future gigs and maybe even make some money. It was a lot of info for an hour workshop but I fly through it, I talk fast, and I kept each point to the point. It was delightful to see many people in the room taking notes and thinking about my suggestions – and they are all suggestions, if they were proven fact then I would have made more comics by now, natch. This is just stuff I wish someone had shown/told me a decade ago.

A few people asked me for a copy of the presentation so in the interest of sharing, I’m going to link to the presentation as a PDF below. I should, however, first state that this presentation is not pretty, I don’t distract with pics/gifs/blingees/really anything eye appealing at all. I put black text on a white background – my attempt at humour as this is all a writer ever deals with, black text on a white background. I should also say, these dot points are often just words and I know I’d flesh them out as spoken. To that end, yeah, you’re missing out and I refuse to type in the whole minute of what I’d say to that two word point. If you’re dying and must know, hit me up and I’ll chat with you about it. Otherwise, just enjoy the other more clear stuff. So, here goes – please take this PDF for educational purposes and do not pass off as your own:

COMIC WRITING 101 – by Ryan K Lindsay