Buy CMYK Magenta This Week

by ryankl

This week sees me become a Vertigo published creator. Pure. Insanity.

magenta cover

The CMYK anthology series from Vertigo Comics seems bent on injecting new creators amongst old favourites to tell short stories tied to some form of mild colour theme. This week sees the release of the Magenta issue, and within you can find the story GLOVES with Tommy Lee Edwards art, John Workman letters, and words by me.

I cannot tell you what a privilege it is to have a story with Vertigo. This is beyond a wild dream come true. Then to get this creative team, I’m a lucky man.

I hope you’ll consider picking the package up. It’s got 80 pages of superb stories – the brilliant Jody Hauser and Nathan Fox deliver what I think is the story of the issue, so buy for that alone. Our story shares an ink wall with Fabio Moon so that’s beyond comprehension in my world. There’s also a Michael Moreci story, and plenty others.

If you dig the stories then tweet or facebook the creative team, share with your friends, enjoy out loud. Anthologies for life, guys.