by ryankl

DEER EDITOR – a tablet crime comic about the editor of the crime beat who’s also a deer by Sami Kivela, Nic J Shaw, Dan Hill, Christopher Kosek, and myself – launches on Kickstarter in under a week.

I dropped the main beats on that earlier this week – click through for the downlow, the basic book pledges, and a preview of some pages.

Today, we talk about the pledge that is my favourite, the pledge I’ve never seen offered before, and the pledge that could get us across the line if people want some good times, are willing to take a gamble, and have a heart. I give you:


Ryan will record the entire issue as a ‘radio drama,’ with audio files sent to you. Comes with BROADSHEET PDF + RKL SCRIPT PDF.

Dear lord, I’ve been wanting to do this for years. Now, take into account, this won’t be some slick production, but man alive is it going to be fun to do. I just hope I have the voice to carry such an activity. The SFX from my mouth might seem suspect at first but I’m certain they’ll win you over. For me, this is the heart of this campaign. If you’re looking to really support with your money and get something rad in return, here it is. Enjoy.

To listen to a sample of what the radio drama will be like, check this video here.


I am crazy excited to do this. It could end up terrible, who knows, but man alive it’s going to be fun. I really hope people dig down on this one hard.


You’ve got yourself under one week to get excited, tell your friends, ask me questions if you want, and generally bring the ruckus. We launch next week, on Monday/Tuesday (depending on your relationship to the international date line), and will run for a month. All updates will run here, some updates will run at the DE HQ,

Keep up with the story, don’t get gored.