DEER EDITOR Kickstarter is Alive

The DEER EDITOR Kickstarter has begun. $1k goal, $1 PDF, 1 whole mess of noir and journalism and antlers.

I really hope you and maybe 200 of your mates dig on this.



I am superexcited to bring this issue to the world. Sami Kivela and I began the journey of DEER EDITOR waaay back in 2013. Now, it is ready.

We decided on a Kickstarter for our launch because it allows us to gain a higher profit margin, because Kickstarters can be fun, and because it allows us to deliver all sorts of fun extras we couldn’t do effectively anywhere else like:

RKL SCRIPT PDF – a download of over 200 pages of my scripts from many projects

RADIO DRAMA – the whole DE issue as a downloadable radio drama made by me

I couldn’t do any of those if we just launched on ComiXology Submit or through micro-distribution. We wanted to do something different and we think this campaign has lots for all sorts of different people.

If you dig the campaign and the book, back it, natch. But if you don’t 100% dig it, or you’re strapped this month, then that’s no problem, but considering passing the campaign link through the usual social media crab nets in case someone else might dig it hard. Indie comics always live and die on the vine based on word of mouth so we thank you in advance for sending up a little flare in your sphere of influence and passing along our tale.

We’ll be around for the month. We’ll be aiming to deliver downloadable fun as we hit milestones towards the goal, and maybe even a few cheeky stretch goals.

Hit the campaign up, scrub through what we’re offering, and we hope you find something you like.

DEER EDITOR 2014 – you’re favourite new B+W tablet digital comic all about crime, journalism, and antlers.