Linkatron 7000

by ryankl

Some stuff I’ve been reading. You might dig.

THE TOP 25 JASON STATHAM FLICKS – because you know you love them, and because you might have missed on. Catch up now.

POST-SDCC LAY OF THE LAND – It’s a BC article but it’s the kind of peek behind the curtain that tells us so much about the comics industry and how it really goes at different publishers. The sort of thing you need to read, if you are breaking in, but always keep a few grains of salt nearby.

WE ARE THE CANDY BARS OF POP CULTURE – in Which my good friend Julian darius exposes himself a s a Major League Fun Buster while reflecting on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. My 2c: I loved that flick, and yet I know it’s dumb, but enjoyable over smart is often a path I’d rather take. The opposite – smart but not enjoyable – certainly holds few merits.

DREAM THIEVES – I’m not even sure what to clarify this as – it’s about a US ban on sleep – but I dig it.