Linkatron 76-5000

by ryankl

Some stuff I read, probably on my phone, while dealing with slow IT or a sleeping child.


Never ever ever ever use two spaces at the end of a sentence, peeps. C’mon! –

A large article on Frank Miller by Sean Howe. I was always going to find the time for this. –

A discussion on women in Marvel films – and I truly hope they are right about Medusa leading the Inhumans flick because that needs to happen. –

A list of modern flicks that work better in black + white – THE LAST SEDUCTION blew my teenage mind, and works so damn well in B+W –

Matt Fraction talks about ENTER THE DRAGON at 44 minutes for just a few minutes. Do this, and never forget. –

An artistic discussion and analysis of the Land and Manara covers for the upcoming SPIDER-WOMAN. I agree on many points, though understand art isn’t always going to be anatomically correct. But I wish it was less exploitative and less unattainable for physiques. –

Sometimes I believe I’ll kinda read anything about CASANOVA, it just makes me want to reread the entire run again – Also, not enough people reference the fact the whole thing started off as a failed Marvel pitch for a ‘Son of Dominic Fortune’ story. –