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Black and White Flick List

I wanna talk about modern movies that might be better in B+W.

I recently read an old article discussing 10 modern flicks that would work great in B+W. The list is tight – watch the RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK clip and tell me it’s not better in B+W. They also list THE LAST SEDUCTION which will always win my heart.

Now, if I ever have the chance, I want to watch some other flicks in black and white. I wish I could make some clips up now, but I’m a fool when it comes to this sort of rad stuff, so instead I’ll purely list some titles with some chatter – and I’ve done a few pics because I love you all so much. I hope you dig.


THE PROPOSITION – this Aussie western noir is possibly the best flick this country has ever produced. It is damn good. It’s shot with some amazing colours – all drab and moody – but I’d love to take a stab at it in B+W.

proposition 2

SE7EN – this seems like a no brainer. The flick is already so rainy and nasty, but as a B+W, man, that mood would just drop.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER – This is more an experiment than any sort of guarantee, but I think it’d change the impact of the violence and the tone of the piece and the whole would come out even further grounded and dark. I mean, look below, that’s pretty tight, right?

winter soldier flick

INCEPTION – maybe this would work. I’d certainly be down to see it try.

ENTER THE DRAGON – I actually don’t think this would work, but I am all down for trying. Who knows, right?

BODY HEAT – I had to pause and reflect on whether this already is B+W but it’s not, and it totally should be.


PONTYPOOL – the visuals run second fiddle to the sound on this one anyway, so why not mute them? Make this underground radio station really feel claustrophobic.

PAN’S LABYRINTH – del Toro shoots with such certainty and passion that’s it’s difficult to suggest altering his vision but look at the photo below, tell me this wouldn’t work?


THE EVIL DEAD – another I had to wonder if it wasn’t already B+W. Low budget, one location, spooky jumps – this would work for B+W so well.

MILLER’S CROSSING – this film feels like it would work, so I’ll give it a go, but there is uncertainty in my heart.

VIDEODROME – there has to be a Cronenberg in this bunch. I think this would take on a more weary bleak tone in B+W and that would be just fine.

BRICK – bit of a gimme really. An obvious choice but one that would be so cool to see.


THE LOOKOUT – an oft forgotten gem from Scott Frank, The Lookout is a twisted weird heist flick, and it would only bury deeper into itself with this lack of colour.



THE ROCKFORD FILES – I would watch all of this.


I’d be interested to know your suggestions for some B+W flicks (or TV). I know, for me, thinking of B+W TV reminds me of watching old midday movies with my mother, old Hitchcock flicks, old moody pieces that shaped my pre-teen years. Just looking at the B+W pics above stirs a response in me. I love B+W flicks. I wish I had more time for them.

Gotta go.


Linkatron 200

Things around the web I’ve read, dug, and wanted to share – YMMV


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A quick chat with Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin in the upcoming DAREDEVIL Netflix series – man, I am so pumped for this, it’s like a dream come true – D’Onofrio looks fantastic as Fisk in that photo – I really should write something about the show before I see it, then something after it – http://screencrush.com/daredevil-vincent-donofrio-interview-kingpin-exclusive/

Frank Miller talks about writing for Hollywood – he might be a little koo-koo but his general idea of not seeing Hollywood writing as the ‘step up’ is great, it might be more pay, but it won’t be anywhere near as satisfying, or true to creative vision, and I think that’s important to know – I now need to get my hands on Playboy for this interview – I love Playboy interviews – http://moviepilot.com/posts/2014/08/20/frank-miller-bashes-the-dark-knight-superman-and-hollywood-2208725?lt_source=external,manual#bJeJK6

SHOWRUNNERS – some excerpts of tv showrunners talking about breaking in, and ending stories – Damon Lindelof and Steven S DeKnight among them – http://shelf-life.ew.com/2014/08/22/damon-lindelof-showrunners/?hootPostID=fc1895fdf79c9913bb318faaf50b0b70

 Talking the visual style of SHUTTER, SAGA, and THE PRIVATE EYE – thinking about the density and diversity of background – an interesting read – http://www.popmatters.com/column/183716-shutter-saga-and-the-private-eye-showcase-the-best-of-what-comics-ca/

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