Linkatron 3

by ryankl

More phone reading – enjoy.

A list of quotes about writing for children – I dig Roald Dahl’s, and Steven Kellogg’s has just flipped my head around –

Barbarella comic (adapted by Kelly Sue DeConnick back in the day) is set for a reprint – this article makes me want toread some Barbarella – and make some Barbarella – the art is gorgeous –

I could stare at this motion header for days – plus, it’s just a well written real life article about earthquake bureaucracy – right up my alley –

A coffee nap – man, I wish I had time for both – but this is a pretty nifty idea –

Part of me never wants to see a remake of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK – part of me thinks they could actually do it really well – and all of me thinks two of these suggestions are not so good, whereas Jon Bernthal could be decent but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it – who would I choose to be Snake Plissken? Hell, I’d go with Kurt Russell again –

What if Christopher Nolan directed THE INCREDIBLES is good value – it’s stuff like this I love about the internet –

THE BROTHERS JAMES is a great comic – this write up of the grindhouse beast of a book by Brian Level, Ryan Ferrier, and  Michael Walsh is something I completely endorse and agree with –

Pretty well put together post on how you should all be leading your anti-female hate campaigns online –

A list of some fantastic hidden gems of the 80s from Marvel – I’m not sure when WHAT IF…?! was being published but I’m certain the 80s run was superb – seeing POWER MAN & IRON FIST here makes me smile, as does SPIDER-WOMAN and MOON KNIGHT –

Jack Kirby interview at TCJ – just because –