Linkatron 0.15

by ryankl

Phone. Middle of the night. Sanity held in check. Maybe. Kinda.

What to never say to a writer – Chuck Wendig has a great way of couching the truth in hilarity, but it’s still all true – all true – watch your words –

Writing as mental therapy – always –

Twitter helps solve a crime – a modern day THE DAUGHTER OF TIME –

Daredevil: Born Again – I was here for the splashes – I stayed for the solid commentary –

Every Stephen King novel summed up in one tweet each – funny piece –

Drawing connections between LOST and social media, the way the ‘net embraces things now, but also tears them down – LOST debuted 10 years ago – never forget –

Breaking into comics is hard to do – here are some tips on what to do, and equally important for what not to do – from C.B. Cebulski –


So apparently there are only so many poster designs available to brain spaces on this planet – seriously, super crazy to see the same design used so often for some of these – here’s 10 posters that keep popping back up – – and here’s another 5 –