Linkatron 99

by ryankl

Read. Consume. Die.
I love LOST and always will, and this article comes close to telling you the whys and hows of that love –

These numbers on the OG TMNT boggle the mind – they also inspire me like crazy – on making your own comics –

TRIGGER WARNING: dead children in this story – and you might wonder why I read stuff like this but as a teacher, I need to know how some kids/families are doing it, I need to know why some kids come in angry, why they are upset, why they are broken before 9am – that someone could neglect being a parent so hardcore, and yet have 6 kids, does my head completely in – my wife told me not to read this article and she was right, this stuff just makes me angry way before it makes me sad –

And now for something lighter: the definition of first world problems as people worry about seeing that someone is typing on their end but not knowing what they’re typing/why it’s taking so long/OH GOD, WHY DID THEY STOP?! – this makes me laugh but I also completely feel it – social interactions begin neuroses and anxiety, why we brought social media into our homes, so we could feel this way 24/7 oftentimes baffles me –

“On Mars, for example,  sound will be higher in pitch.” – huh, the more you know – and other science/space facts –

I love reading about process and muse and craft from people I admire – Snyder, Cloonan, and Vaughan step up at NYCC to discuss how they make the donuts –

CHINATOWN will always be my jam – lotta high quality chatter on this page put together by Cinephilia about and around this classic flick – absorb, learn, replicate on your own scale –

Proof you can write any plot twists or contrivances you want, because people are nuts and anything can happen with them around – mother arrested after her 4yo took bags of her heroin to school – imagine your 4yo ODing at school because some other little kid brought baggies of horse and your kid didn’t know and hoovered it up thinking it was sherbert – imagine being the parent, imagine being the teacher – imagine – oof –