Linkatron 43

For the eclectic non-fic reader hiding in us all. With a sock full of pennies.

Pulp fiction, the really old lurid stuff, always fascinates me – but more fascinating, nearly always, are the guys who wrote them (and they nearly always seem to be guys) – this guy pumping one of the books out in 3 days is insane, I can’t imagine how wild living like that is – part of me wishes I was there doing that – part of me really does not, ha –

A look at the fall of patriarchy in TV – and possibly in life – do our narratives have to end with men dying? – is there something cyclical about killing off your father or your god in your writing, and then what do you write next? – this is a long read but it’s really well put together –

I grew up loving HALLOWEEN III – it never even occurred to me that Michael Myers wasn’t in it – it was just this cool 80s horror flick – but now I’m yearning for what could have been, a decade of Carpenter at his finest testing the boundaries of the horror genre and doing something special – instead we got a few decades of slasher dreck – bugger –

People who freak out – FREAK OUT – over flicks being possibly bad before they come out baffle me – people need to chill out and wait –

So apparently writing is my superorigin story – I wonder what my secondary mutation will be… –

Writing short stories can sometimes be just as hard as writing long ones – sometimes even harder – this great old article breaks down a superb MURDER BOOK short by Johnnie Christmas and Ed Brisson and you can see exactly how they make the story succeed in 5 pages – probably must read materail for those breaking in with short stories –

If I could read about writing process all day long, damn, well, you know I would – Joe Keatinge discusses his work space, and then his work flow, and he gives some suggestions and ideas on how to get things going – that idea of being accountable to yourself, and not being distracted, and doing your damn job seems so obvious but I always believe people don’t plan to fail at that stuff, they just fail to plan –

There’s something about Joe Carnahan I just absolutely dig – I mean, I dig a lot of his movies – if you haven’t seen THE GREY then you are a fool – harsh words but so insanely true – and this article is just perfect creator feature writing – I now obviously need to see STRETCH –