Linkatron 22

by ryankl

Why 22? Because I was just reminded that the Aja/Fraction run on Hawkeye ends at #22.


HAWKEYE truly is a special comic – possibly my favourite ongoing right now – possibly Fraction’s best work – possibly better than IMMORTAL IRON FIST – and I will read anything written about it –

Where you can submit your comic writing – a fantastic list of publishers and how to get in contact with them –

HOWARD THE DUCK #1 script –

Nate Cosby talks pitching comics in a tweetstorm from years back – always worth casting your eye over as you edit/refine.smash your face into your latest pitch doc –

Mugs have long been my jam – I would seriously buy 6 of these bad boys – I’m fine with boring cutlery and plates but I like my mug to keep me company –

Curiosity in people is so rad – that quest to know, and the fact you’ll hunt endlessly when you want/need to know – if nothing in this world I wanna make my kids be curious people – question everything –

Think about all these literary rules before embarking on your writerly life – for they are mostly true – ha – 😦 –

Fascinating interview with Ron Perlmen – I’ve long dug his work – ever since seeing THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN at a cinema as a wannabe hipster teen before hipsters knew what they were doing – reading him go in depth here on some serious issues is good stuff because sometimes sunlight is the best disinfectant – and his book sounds pretty bloody intriguing –

I agree: CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER should be up for Oscar Best Flick contention – because it’s the best flick I’ve seen all year – and it’s just spectacular on every front – but will it happen?-;k=pmc-adi-31bb2464aad8b905af7a81e1d57b77ae

10 Things HANNIBAL Does Better Than The Movies – this is clickbait for my soul – I really do love this show – all good things to consider here –

Some really amazing art, and titles, in these grindhouse style movie posters – beautifully gruesome inspiration –

Peckinpah posters – you clicked already, didn’t you? –

A look into the working ind of Christopher Nolan – reading this made me realise I’m clearly influenced by his work and style and tone and structure – and while I’ll most likely never come close to the heights of Nolan’s work, it is nice to have a target upon which to train –