Linkatron 616

Read widely, think deeply, click hard.

Bruce Springsteen lists some of his reading habits – he’s a hardboiled guy – and a classic dude – yes, I shall dig him forever –

Fascinating and insightful discussion about the Marvel Phase 3 flicks logo set – every time I read about logos I realise how much I still have no idea around them – but I am learning, and taking notes, and am still terribly behind –

Man digs up girls’ bodies and turns them into dolls for his apartment – he put music boxes in their rib cages, lipstick on their mouths – he wanted to keep them around until science could bring them back – not only is the world a sicker place than we know, it is a sicker place than we can know –

Twitter activist is murdered and the Mexican drug cartel uses her phone to send out messages about her murder, and to scare off her followers – intense and sad stuff –

Classic Aussie bogan beer dresses down, sneaks in, and wins craft brewery award – edgy judges distance themselves from their decision without ever addressing the fact they loved the taste of something they no doubt mock to others – makes you wonder what makes something ‘good’ or ‘cool’ is it objective or complete social construct –

Pat Grant is a complete dude – and TOORMINA VIDEO is beyond amazing – and so is the new thing, AMBIENT YEAST – you can read them all free online, follow the links – Pat’s work is just like nothing else – enjoy –

I don’t generally get down with motivational lists or anything but this one is right on point – people are their own worst enemy – and this all goes for creatives, absolutely –

Stephen King is a dude I could listen to all day long – and he gets some jumping random questions here – and also manages to drop a little process chatter –