Midnight Notes

by ryankl

People ask creatives where they get their ideas but they never ponder upon how we keep our ideas.
Some writers keep notebooks everywhere they go/are. In the breast pocket, on the bedside table, in the car. They write every thought down, they rely on paper to be the gigabytes of memory they often lack in their head.
But then there are others who swear against this method. They say if an idea is any good then it’ll survive on it is own. If you’re meant to remember it, you will. If it’s so amazing, you won’t be able to stop thinking about it. If memory serves, Stephen King prescribes to this memory.
Good luck to the King, his cerebral fortitude no doubt tops mine, but for my money, I’m a notebook man.
My grey matter is holier than a burning bush. I am clearly doing something wrong with life because I never remember anything. Often to my detriment.
If I didn’t make notes I’d lose plenty of thoughts/ideas/lines of dialogue.
A recent case in point, I just randomly found an idea I quickly utter into my phone Notes at 12:07am about 5 weeks ago. Not only had I forgotten the idea, I’d forgotten I’d jotted down the idea. And yet this idea is very good. Very good.
There was a slight moment where I got to enjoy it for the first time, again. And then I realised I probably would’ve forgotten this forever and man that would’ve been sad.
So when choosing a side on the battlefield of paper v memory synapses, think about what’ll work best for you.
For me, I am extremely glad I have not lost this idea.