Linkatron 2

by ryankl

Writing a second draft, trying to get my second wind, giving these links a second chance.


I love CRIME FACTORY – their zine is pulp perfection – they’re good dudes – and I’m proud to have articles and short stories with them – check out this great interview of Cam and Liam discussing how they roll – then go visit the site and get yourself into some of their business –

Starting stories is really important to me – that right moment, that right very first scene/image, the right words – it’s such an important thing and this discussion here on it by Chuck Wendig should give you enough food for thought –

A discussion of HELLRAISER as a noir – it’s this sort of analysis, quick, sharp, and out that is exactly what I dig right now, it’s all I’ve got time to read, it’s all I want to write – HELLRAISER is one of those flicks I dig, it certainly felt formative to me as I discovered Barker, devoured his works, and found the flick passable if not perfect – has a perfect Barker flick been made? Perhaps not – though this is kind of perfect in that sense of it being an artifact of what it is, a video nasty, something to be on VHS, something to be a little grimy, unperfect – a remake would most likely be terrible, as were the sequels –

An interview with a guy with a micropenis – this article is usable in that it’ll le you peer into the mind of someone who is so clearly broken by what they see as their major flaw – look at what he says, how he says it – then use that for motivation/dialogue/reference next time to make some character – how are they defined by something? Hoew does it make them think/feel/react to the world? – interesting stuff –

Ferrier makes a mix tape – always read Ferrier –

Aronofsky talks about TV being the better medium for stories in today’s world – he says other things, too –

All the Foo Fighters’ songs ranked bottom to top – yes, EVERLONG deserves that spot – yes, The Colour and the Shape is their best work, but I’ll always love how the second half of In Your Honor makes me feel –

Interesting piece about comics journalism – definitely food for thought, on a few levels –

Paul Allor talks STRANGE NATION – as well as some of his process –